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Happy Leap Day!

Snow is here!  Our first real major storm – can you believe it?  And on Leap Day, too.  Does Hallmark make a card for Leap Day?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

The snow didn’t start until the afternoon, so we were free and clear for Bagel Day this morning!  I love bagel day.

In truth, Wednesday we actually call Bagel Day junior because official Bagel Day is Sunday.  We tried to keep it to 1 day a week, but it’s hard.  Back in our fat days, John and I often would go 5 or 6 days a week for breakfast out, either bagels, coffeecake or muffins.  Always with sweet coffee.  How times have changed.  You know that thing called moderation?  We found our level of moderation with the bagels now.

I had literacy tutoring today and I stopped work in time enough to have a quick lunch today before I left.

1-minute muffin done 1-minute style!  This was the applesauce version, which is the version I almost always make anymore.

After the tutoring, I walked home in the snow.  It started to get serious around 1 p.m.

Will have to shovel soon. My arms are not too sore today from yesterday’s workout.  They actually only are  sore when I lift my arms up over my head.  Last night, I went to carry a laundry basket upstairs that was full and had some wet stuff in it for hanging.  I couldn’t pick it up enough to get it up the stairs and had to have John take it up for me!  How embarrassing! :oops:  I can’t imagine what my legs will feel like after tomorrow’s drop sets, although I don’t know if I can get to the gym with the snow.

Lattes were welcome today.

I thawed out shrimp for  a  protein dinner today.  These are the large shrimp. I am now spoiled enough to only buy the more expensive uncooked shrimp.  Guess I had better ask for another raise.

I just sauteed them in a little coconut oil with salt and pepper, with shredded brussel sprouts on the side. 4 ounces of shrimp looks pretty puny, doesn’t it?

It’s funny, I can eat more veggies if they are shredded or cut into little pieces.  Not sure why that is, but whatever it takes to get me to eat more!

I had to catch up some work tonight since it was a tutoring day.  Finally finished and am ready for a snack, which will be some fruit or nuts (haven’t quite decided yet).  I have been doing great with my no nibbling.  It gets a little easier each day breaking that bad habit.

I didn’t really set any goals for February, but now I have to plan out some for March!

Question: How was your February?

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21 comments to Happy Leap Day!

  • I had a fantastic February because I finally got myself back on my routine after a long hiatus. Things got hectic the latter part of 2011 with a lot of travel and closing/moving into our house (yes yes..excuses).

    Your dinner looks so yummy and fresh!

  • My February was great!!!

    Our temps were warm enough to give us non-stop rain today…I will pass on the snow.

    Hope you are able to make it to the gym tomorrow!

    Looking forward to reading your goals!

  • Wow, that doesn’t really look like very much food! Were you hungry today?

    The snow looks pretty. It actually snowed here for a few minutes this morning!

  • Hi Lori…may we BOTH get rid of the stupid snow soon!!! Bring on the spring. Hope you have a terrific Thursday…and that all of March is good to you.

  • We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow! It must be working its way over to me! I agree with you on the shredded veggies … at least with brussel sprouts, that is the only way I can eat them – I just don’t like them whole! Happy Leap Day!

  • Shredded brussels sprouts are so delicious! I’ve had a great February – made some good progress toward my goals of getting back into running and packing my lunch more – and there’s still some room for growth for March happy

  • thats nice happy one day of the week traditions happy

    did just a muffin and so few black grapes fill you up?? especially when you work out like that?

    • Well, the lunch was only about 270 calories, but earlier than I normally eat so I was not all that hungry. I will say the 1-minute muffins are very, very filling from fat and fiber. And today was not much exercise.

  • Snow? Bit late now that we are all longing for Spring. Hopefully it will melt soon again.

    I ate Brussels sprouts last Monday and think you would have like them too. I cooked them for a while and stir fried them with an apple. When it was ready I sprinkled some chopped walnuts on top of it. It was delicious.

  • I’ve been making your one-minute muffin EVERY DAY for breakfast for about the past week. I love it!! I didn’t want to open a huge jar of applesauce, so I ended up using a small jar of banana baby food that I had in my pantry (I think I was going to bake with it, and just never did). I add a Tbsp. of the banana baby food instead of the applesauce. And then I spread the muffin with cinnamon raisin peanut butter. It’s fantastic!!

  • Funny – I had it with pumpkin for the first time yesterday. Filling, super quick, and perfect for me!

    Hope the snow goes easy on you. I actually chuckled about you not being able to carry the clothes up the stairs. I think we see you as Lori the Wonder Lifting Woman Extraordinaire! happy

  • With the more expensive shrimp (not that you will ever catch ME buying seafood, lol), I think it’s good that you are buying what you really like…sure, it’s more money, but in the past, you probably spent a lot on food w/o even thinking about it (like all of the breakfasts out). So now that you are eating so much healthier, I say feed yourself well. happy

  • Yikes on that snow & here I was going to complain about the cooler weather we are having! winking

    I hear you on moderation & especially with the bagels. I used to eat them every day too!

    Congrats on your nibbling success – or should I say no nibbling!

  • Glad you are getting a handle on the snacking. All of those little bites do add up! Shrimp is one of my favorites for an easy and fast dinner. You have reminded me that I have some Brussels Sprouts to use up – had better do that today.

  • We had snow here too, then freezing rain & rain. Oh and fog too. I am SO ready for sun & warmth!

  • Linda Kuil (Frickin' Fabulous...)

    I made roasted brussel sprouts again and I had yellow squash in a Spark People Slowcooker Italian Chicken recipe. AND, I bought a parsnip! I think I’ll roast it with the other yellow squash I bought. What else should I try?

  • Seems like a lot of crazy weather right now. But not here. The sun is shining and it feels like spring todayhappy

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