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No snacking weekend!

I was up early on a Saturday morning to do my strength workout.  I wasn’t intending on getting up early, but I just woke up, so I was at the gym at 7 a.m. on a Saturday.  No life, I tell you…

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
SupersetSeated Lat Row

Incline Dumbbell Press

3 sets of 15 at 40#
3 sets of 15 with 10# DBs
SupersetStraight Arm Cable Pulldown

Lying Chest Press

3 sets of 15 at 40#3 sets of 15 with 15# DBs BackChest
SupersetClose Grip Lat Pulldown

Push Ups

3 sets of 15 at 30#3 sets of 12 BackChest
SupersetRope Crunch

Reverse Crunch

3 sets of 153 sets of 15 Core

I was supposed to do the push ups and lat pulldowns first, but someone was on the cable machine, so I moved those to the last of the chest/back exercises.  Big mistake!  Doing the push ups at the end was almost impossible.  I had to change the last 2 sets to incline push ups to get through them.  I have to say, though, after 2 weeks with this program, I definitely am feeling stronger again.

John still owed me one last football meal (for superbowl weekend) and I just hadn’t claimed it.  So, we went out for lunch on Saturday at Rockhill Bakehouse.   There were fresh flowers at the table:

Plus a bonus of a guitar player.

That was fun!

I had one of my favorite sandwiches, which is the grown-up grilled cheese with pesto and smoked cheese.

So good.  I ate every bite, too! My morning workout gave me a good lunch appetite.

I did really, really well on my goal of not snacking this weekend.  As in no snacking!  My hardest time was really on Sunday because that is grocery shopping day and I tend to nibble on things that we buy, but I managed not to do that, with the help of some ginger mints and cleaning the kitchen!  We have a flylady cleaning list hanging up, but I don’t think either of us has looked at it in probably 6 months or more  :oops:

So, I just started to deep clean the kitchen.  Funny how you miss all those crumbs, drips and spills when you aren’t really looking for them.

All sparkly clean!

So Shelley has the Sit and Knit diet, and I have the Scrub and No Chub diet going on  :grin:

My meals were good and balanced.  I do eat more calories on the weekend because – well – it is the weekend, but, it made a big difference with not nibbling on stuff.  I stuck to my planned snacks.

My goal this week is to keep going with no extra nibbling.  If I can go for 21 days, maybe I can really break that habit.

I am also going to do some seed starting.  I didn’t have a lot of luck with my seedlings last year, so hopefully I can have more success this year.  I won’t plant these yet, but I have been looking for this flower for a while and finally found it!

These are dwarf sunflowers and only grow about 2-3 feet tall.  Now to figure out exactly where I am going to put them!  :mrgreen:

Question: What fun did you get up to this weekend?

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