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Mardi Gras feast!

Time for our annual Mardi Gras Party!

We used to hold on Mardi Gras itself, but it is easier on a weekend than a weeknight.  More time to par-tay!

We put the flag out.

I dug out my personal bead collection.

All of this acquired on our various trips to New Orleans.  A couple bought, but most were thrown to me, but I always kept my shirt on  :mrgreen:

Can I also just say that I am liking my haircut.  It’s so easy.

Masks arrived!

Dinner was

Chicken Cornbread casserole:

Barbecue Shrimp (served with rice)

Mardi Gras vegetables (courtesy of my sister’s family):

Plus a fruit tray. (courtesy of the parents)

Very, very good!  The shrimp was so good and so easy, too. If the large shrimp weren’t so expensive, I think we would eat this more often.

Jenga and wine – a good combo or not?? You be the judge.

I played guitar some, along with one of the nieces.

Then it was time for dessert! Bread Pudding – White chocolate  chips with rum sauce.  No raisins in our bread pudding because as we say, raisins are *always* optional!

So good!  I love really good bread pudding.  It is never as good in a restaurant as what we make at home with the exception of Red Fish Grille in New Orleans.  Theirs is amazing.

More games:

This game is basically guessing true or false on statements.  It’s just makes it more fun to yell out that it’s crap!

Ladies in masks.  The guys didn’t wear masks (or want to be in pictures, the party poopers).

Even Pixie got into the spirit with the beads.

Okay, she didn’t really like the beads LOL!

Always a good time – and there are still 2 days left to party!

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