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Visit to Epcot!

Okay, last park.  This one is my favorite park.  Epcot has a little bit for everyone and it is a huge park, too.  Lots of walking will be done in this park.  Lots and lots of walking.  We spent 2 full days here and part of another.  You definitely need at least 2 days to see the whole thing.  I’ll try not to make this post too long!

Epcot is really 2 parks in one.  There is Future World, where all of the current and new things are built.  Here is John holding up Spaceship Earth!

Like Mission Space.

Last time we were here, Mission Space had just opened and a lot of people were getting sick on it, so we passed.  Now they have a lighter version available if you want to try that, so we decided to go with that.  They kept saying to drop out if you were feeling uncomfortable over and over again, so I actually was nervous for the ride.  Honestly?  I think the ride was m’eh.  It was not even as intense as Star Tours.  It was claustrophobic, though, so I could see that being a problem.  We didn’t bother trying the more intense version of the ride.

Test Track is a super fun ride where you ride in a GM vehicle through some road tests and then take a banking ride outside at 60 mph.  Felt way faster than that!

Also new to us is the ride Soarin’.  This ride was awesome! It is a glider ride, much like IMAX with big screens.  You are in a seat and buckled in and then it actually rises up from the floor and gently moves you around to the movie screen.  It is a very freeing ride because there are no bars or harnesses.  So cool!  They even mist some scent out during the ride.  When we went over the forests, it smelled like pine.  When we went over the orange groves, it smelled like oranges.  We did this ride twice because we liked it so much (Fast Pass option!).

The Land also has a neat boat ride (did I mention I am a sucker for any boat or train ride?) that takes you through Disney’s hydroponic gardens where they grow produce for the restaurants in the Land.


Next time we come, I am going to take the behind the scenes tour of this as well.

We also love Ellen’s Energy Adventure.  If you like Ellen Degeneres, Jeopardy, and dinosaurs – you will love this!  It is an enormous attraction that moves the whole audience around.  Pretty cool.  It is a long ride, though, at almost 40 minutes, so don’t drink a lot before going on it!

The other half of Epcot is the World Showcase.  I love the World Showcase!  There are pavilions from different countries with replicas of famous monuments or architecture.

You can see across the lagoon to the different skylines.

There is Mexico:


Home of the Maelstrom flume ride.  And also where we had a very good pastry!

France complete with uber expensive perfume shops.

Japan. Where I bought 2 bowls.  Imagine that!  They were so inexpensive!

Where we alsohad lunch.

Udon noodles with tempura shrimp.  Epcot has really great food!

My favorite is Morocco.  I love the buildings.

I want these lights.  Bad.

I also love mosaics.

Then there is Canada.

There are also character visits in Epcot as well.  If you cross the promenade past Canada to England just after the World Showcase opens (2 hours later than the rest of the park), there will be no line to meet these guys!

We had an awesome trip, even though I was a little under the weather for the last few days.  It sure does feel good to be back home and in routine again. Thanks for reading!

** Your trivia for the day.  EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow**

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