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December wrap up and yearly goals

Last day of the year and I forgot to do my goal wrap up yesterday. Ooops.   :mrgreen:

I had a few goals for December:

1. No weight gain over the holidays.  Fail.  I did gain weight this month.

2. Do some no added sugar days.  I did a very little sugar days and a couple no sugar days.  Of course – I had some all sugar days (I am looking in your direction Christmas Eve!).

3.  Make a video of me playing guitar to post on the blog.  Done and done

4. Relax more.  I really don’t know how well I did here.  I did have a 3 day weekend, so that counts, right?


And going back to January, these were on my to-do list  for the year:

We are going to do another 100 mile bike ride this year.  Done, although it was just me this year.

Just for fun, I should count how many helmeted pictures of me there are on this blog.

Maybe do a half marathon.  Nope. Not with giving up running.

I hope to do a different duathlon in May 3- Nope. With no running, hard to do a duathlon

Definitely a few 5K races.  Nope.

Keep stretching.  Ooops, was this one of my goals??

-I really would like the scal3 to go down further.  I am not shooting for a specific number, but I do have a pair of pants I would like to have less tight. Complete fail here.

I hope to do more cooking and food recipes on the blog.  Fairly successful here.  One of my favorite recipes? The grain-free banana breakfast pudding.

I am going to work on my classical guitar this year. I will commit to putting a video of myself on the blog playing something at the end of the year. Done – see above.

Learn to do more than just basic plumbing so that we can install a water softener ourselves (after I save up for it), and possibly install a half bath in our laundry room.  Done!!  My favorite project of the year.  I am so proud of us doing this all by ourselves – and meeting building codes!

- Tinker with the blog a bit.  Ehhh.

Earn more money.  Success.  Turns out it was getting laid off that turned out to be the catalyst for this.  I got a raise and full time from the second job.

Just try to be a better person in general.  Always a work in progress.  I did start the literacy tutoring, so there’s something.

I am not sure if I will be making a to-do list or not for the 2012.  I will do my monthly goals, as I enjoy them and coming up with new things to challenge myself with.  I imagine I will have to get on the weight loss train for reals and not just dink around with it.

We are having a family get together for the holiday.  I wish all of you a very happy and safe New Year’s Eve.


See you on the flip side!

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11 comments to December wrap up and yearly goals

  • Lori – to me, you always amaze me at how much you do!!! Your monthly goals & all the things you take on to try! I think you are GREAT! I don’t do resolutions – just try to be better – works for me at 54 – had too many stress filled days when I was younger & dealing with some now as well so this works for me along with the way Carla wrote it in her post this morn.

    Have a wonderful one Lori – happy happy to you, John, Pixie of course & all your family!

  • Great work on your goals…progress not perfection is what we can all strive for!

    Hope you and John have a lovely New Year’s Eve! All the best for 2012!

  • Your Banana Bread Breakfast Pudding is one of my favorites too! Paleo, primal or not that recipe will stay in my rotation.

    Happy New Year to you and John!

  • deb

    Lori, girl you are not the only one getting back on the weightloss train…leave a seat for me. I’ll be talking about it on the blog soon…sigh…….i’ve slid a long way back and its about time to own up to it. It sure is a whole lot easier to lose than it is to maintain……..all the hype about that was true….. Have a great New Year Lori!!! Hugs! deb

  • Happy New Year, Lori!

    I drooled over your Christmas foods so no wonder you overate a bit! It looked much better than what we ate for Christmas (I’m bored with Finnish Christmas foods)

    Funny that you forgot your stretching goal. I try not to forget my push up challenge and right now I’m pretty pumped up. big grin

  • Happy New Year to you and John!!!! Hope 2012 brings you both health, happiness, love and all that you wish for!!!!!!

  • ahhh blog tinkering.
    blog lift.

  • Lori, I always admire your dedication and ability to stick with your plans – looks like you had a lot of successes in 2011. May 2012 be you best year yet. Happy New Year.

  • Happy New Year Lori!

    Maybe you didn’t meet all your goals this year but you sure accomplished a lot. Do you keep track of your bike mileage? I bet you did more miles in 2011 than in 2010.

    Monthly goals are better than year goals I think because you can overlook the period better. And you are always very succesful in your monthly goals.

  • Biz

    Happy New Year to you Lori! Here’s to 2012!

  • Happy New Year to you! I am so glad I found your blog this year! I look forward to the warmer weather and all the bike rides!!! I am making your banana pudding for breakfast tomorrow! It will be my first time! Sounds yummy!!!

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