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Chilly riding

I woke up all excited to bike to breakfast this morning.  The high today was supposed to be almost 70 degrees!  However, that doesn’t mean that it will be 70 degrees at 7:30 am.  More like half that, plus fog LOL.  It was a coooooold ride to breakfast:

That is 2 degrees warmer than when we left the house, too. I am okay above 40, but this was a bit chilly even for me.  I was ready for some coffee and a bagel.  They were out of wheat bagels (again), so I got poppyseed.

Not many seeds on this bagel.  John called it a Poppy Lite  :mrgreen:

The temp had warmed up into the low 40s by the time we left, but still somewhat foggy.  However, I will take a November bike ride anytime!  12 miles of biking today.

Yesterday’s literacy tutor training was good.  It is a little overwhelming and I have to read  4 chapters in this book for tomorrow!

Homework! Normally there would be a week between training sessions, but they are trying to cram all the training  in before Thanksgiving. Plus there are 8 people currently waiting for tutors right now! Definitely a need here.  I am really realizing how I take for granted being able to read and write with ease.

I got a late start with work, so I was just trying to plow my way through.  It was a tiring day.  I took my lunch break with some of the chicken I cooked up the other day.

Thank you for precooked stuff and planning ahead.

Both of us were busy today.  Wednesday truly was hump day.  And snack day.  I made up almond milk lattes:

and I had a piece of pumpkin fudge that I made over the weekend.  I haven’t had any since Sunday because it has some corn syrup and I was grain free Monday and Tuesday.  It’s good stuff, but time consuming to make.

Pixie is always interested in what I am doing – the nut.

I snacked a bit while cooking dinner.  Feeling a little tired and that got me snacking on some potato chips and Nut Thins.  I should have precooked lentils and it would have avoided that problem.  I did have brown rice that I had in the freezer along with some of my caramelized onion stash.  I pan sauteed the broccoli, then tossed in a scoop of onions, brown rice and lentils and heated through.

This was good and full of fiber LOL!

Today was just such a gorgeous day.  Like September.  I took a walk after dinner because it was so nice.  Dark, though.   I put John’s blinking bike light onto my jacket for safety.  I don’t know if that  that really works, but I felt safer at any rate – and I rocked out with Journey on my walk!

Someone in our house who is not a music lover is Pixie. She was sitting on the piano tonight when John sat down to play:

You can almost hear her thoughts –  “What the hell is that noise?”  She didn’t stay long.

Well, I have a date with some candy corn and my homework for tomorrow’s training class.

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23 comments to Chilly riding

  • Kim

    I have to practice flute, clarinet and saxophone when I’m getting ready to play for musicals. My cats run for cover under the bed on the opposite side of the house. Good think I’m thick-skinnedhappy

  • The fog looks cool!

    I used to do a lot of volunteering (mostly with animals and at food banks). At one point I wanted to volunteer with a program here that helps adults with literacy issues but I never found the time. It’s still something I’d like to do. I mean I read 3 books a week. I can help!

  • With the fog, it looks like a day that would be nice to curl up with a blanket, something warm, and watch a movie!

  • Pixie on the piano cracks me up. She’s just so expressive!

    I’ll bet that morning bike ride was cold! Wind goes right through you when you ride…but how nice that you had such a good day, weather-wise, for November!

  • We had the fog this morning too, and it was nice and mild.

    Pixie had quite the day…keeping her eyes on you and then John.

    Love that bowl you used for dinner…nice and matchy with the food.

  • Hi Lori! I love that picture you got of your husband and cat. It’s so whimsical and creative and expressive.

    I use the candy thermometer, but usually have a 50% chance of getting the consistency for candies correct.

    happy Marion

  • Lori's Mom

    Oh, boy, am I glad I read your blog tonight, Lori. I totally forgot that I have homework! It’s been a long time since I had to worry about that. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I’m not ready for winter!!! *whine* But fog beats the weather we got here today for sure! Pumpkin fudge… that sounds delicious and new to me!

  • LOL at you and your Mom happy And Pixie indeed is so funny on the piano. I agree with you that pets are always amusing, that’s why I love them so much.

    That was really foggy yesterday morning.

    Already done with your homework? I think it’s great you’re doing this so you can help others after this.

  • Man, Lori, your neighbors must get up early to beat you early-birds to the wheat bagels! Wow! Nice that you were able to enjoy the weather today both with the bike & walking!

    Pixie is sooooooooooo funny! On the piano, it almost looks like she is reading the music! She cracks me up!

    You are one busy person! Will you blog less once you start volunteering? Seems like you will be super busy!

  • Oops, forgot to comment last night! That was REALLY chilly! Hope the bagel was worthy! I have to start adding some lentils and maybe some quinoa into my recipes. That bowl looks good!

  • Amy

    BRRR!! At least it makes the coffee taste that much better…

    Your dinner looked yummy!

  • Your dinner looks delicious! But maybe that’s because I’m craving rice and beans right now lol!

    We were a bit warmer than you yesterday morning but just as foggy with 0 visibility. I was actually a bit fearful for Mr. Helen’s drive to work. This morning? Warm again – 60! – at 4:00 am. I came downstairs to have coffee and go run and turned around and went back upstairs to change into summer running gear big grin

  • I’m glad to read about your literacy training, I have lots of ESL issues! happy

    Pixie really looks pissed…

  • mmm I love poppy seed bagels but that one is seriously lacking the goods!

  • Roz

    Hi Lori, I love the fog shot. It’s a great shot, despite the brrr! Pixie is hilarious. (and the same color as the fudge!) Looks like it’s her job to turn the page when John finishes playing that part. Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

  • LOL Pixie looks like she’s thinking, Hmm, I don’t see that chord anywhere on here! happy

    I’m viewing your foggy bank shot as a metaphor for the banking industry in general. happy

  • I love fall rides- but below 50 is my limit. When it is below 50 there is too much nose running and eye tearing and ear freezing that I just can’t enjoy myself. I love the foggy picture! Very cool!

  • Biz

    I am definitely going to try your almond flour biscuits this weekend! I also have a recipe for some paleo crackers, I’ll let you know how they turn out! big grin

    Yep, winter is on its way and I am not ready!

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