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Fall is here!

Yep – it’s fall around here.  The leaves haven’t really changed too much, but the temps sure have!  It was a chilly 46 degrees when we headed out for breakfast.  I did layer up too much though. I had on a technical turtleneck and 2 jackets.  I should have either not worn the turtleneck or ditched a jacket.  I was sweaty!  We arrived 6 miles later to our destination.

Happy to be on the bike after a week of rain!

I had a gluteny bagel today.  The last wheat bagel they had.  GF bagels just don’t really cut it.

After a nice brekkie, John headed a different way to get a flu shot and I went home.  I took the path back and then stopped in the little park where the mums are blooming.

So pretty! I love mums.  Well, really I love all flowers (as if you all didn’t know that…winking.  It was so nice to see the sun, too.  It has been too long.

It was hard to get into work today. You know those days.  Then I got my paycheck, which I was all excited about until I looked at it and it was missing a zero at the end.  They made a mistake with my check and now I have to wait for the new one to come.  :roll:  At least they are right on it, though. I do like this company a lot.

Lunch time!  I had made some ricotta puffs this weekend, so I had those with blueberry sauce and a bit of coconut butter.

This was warm in my tummy for a cool day.  We are supposed to hit 30 degrees tonight! 8-O  I might have to cover up a few flowers that don’t do well in the freeze.

More hints of fall – we have a pie pumpkin!

I might try canning some cooked pumpkin and see what happens. If Libby’s can do it, so can I, right?

John wasn’t so busy today, so he got up to fall cooking shenanigans with these little pumpkin cookies:

Most of them are going to his poker game tonight, but at least one ended up in my tummy  :mrgreen:


Dinner tonight was supposed to be teriyaki chicken thighs, but they were not thawed out.  So, clams it is!

Plus the worst.plum.ever.  Ever.  It was mealy and tasteless.  I threw it out, which is really rare for me.  I have 2 others and I hope they are better than this one.  Booo….

Pink picture of the day – my camera case!

Commence to clicking everyone!

The Breast Cancer Site


I decided I do need to get out there and cover up some plants – Happy Fall!

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20 comments to Fall is here!

  • Your lunch looks so decadent and yummy!

    I love mums, too. I need to buy a few more for outside since the ones I had planted are too spindly!

    Congrats on your photo shoot, too, Lori! I think you looked beautious!

  • That first picture with the stones in the background looked like snow for a second. I was like “WHAT?! They have snow already?!” I need to get my eyes checked. happy
    Lisa´s last blog post ..It’s Making You Hungrier

  • Hi Lori! Cooking pumpkin is really easy, because I’m a not-great cook, and even I did it well. It turns out exactly like Libby’s. It should turn out great–plus roasted pumpkin seeds.

    happy Marion
    Marion@AffectionforFitness´s last blog post ..More Fruits & Veggies 30-Day Challenge: Day 6

  • We’re having the first few days of fall here too! Cool and rainy. Perfect day for staying indoors–which I hope to do tomorrow. I’ve been driving around to various appointments for the past two days. The only thing is, its that in-between temperature, where if I start a fire, it will probably get too hot. But without it I am constantly on the cool side.

    Hey I saw a sign in Walmart about turning your water off and lathering up, etc and it said it might save you $100 in a year. I’m afraid for me that that is $100 well worth spending.

    LOL on the “gluteny bagel.” I’m going to make some gluten free blueberry scones, and maybe some oat flour pumpkin scones tomorrow!

    Wow, sorry about talking more about me than you on your blog. I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your consistent posting. I really look forward to it every afternoon.
    debby´s last blog post ..Planning for Spa Week

  • Click!

    I thought it was snow for a second too.

    The blueberries looks so tasty…I could go for some of those.

    I regret to inform you that the Boss and I ate all the chicken! Next time!

    Nice looking pumpkin cookies too! I am going to make a crustless pumpkin pie for Sunday…can’t wait!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..October Challenges

  • LOL On first glance, I thought the first photo had melting snow in the background too!

    I really, really don’t appreciate John putting frosting on the cookies. Now I have to go find my marshmallow fluff. (Closest thing I have to frosting. happy )
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Thank You, Steve Jobs

  • Pie pumpkins? Pie cookies? Beautiful mum? LOVE FALL!!

    I am sending warm weather and warm thoughts your way!!!!
    Alison´s last blog post ..Indian Summer

  • Fall has finally arrived here too yesterday, lots of wind and this morning accompanied with rain. I don’t mind because I love fall.

    Those cookies look delicious, your better half can come over at my house to bake for my anytime. And if he’s coming, please come too, we go for a bike ride over here.
    Fran´s last blog post ..A day in my life: Wednesday October 5, 2011

  • Mm, what is that stuff on top of those pumpkin cookies?
    Satu´s last blog post ..About Stress And Weight Loss

  • I thought snow too! Well, we are cold for CA here but hoping for a warm up this weekend.

    OK, I want one of those cookies – YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK , the bagel too! winking
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..October Health Happenings

  • I thought ice lol definitely looked cold happy That bagel looked so good, we usually have them at work every Thursday but the guy that buys them hasn’t been here darn it lol. I’m enjoying Fall so far though I know the temps don’t drop to fast on us.
    dawn´s last blog post ..I’m First on My List

  • mo

    I freeze fruit that I don’t like and then use it in a smoothie. Somehow it tastes better that way and is not wasted.

  • deb

    Its hard to know how to dress sometimes. The best rule of thumb i’ve heard is you should feel a little chilly starting out , not comfortably warm because then you will get too warm later. Ahhh waiting for when trying to figure out how to dress warm is a problem here. LOL! At least the highs are down in the 80’s now . No more triple digits to deal with.

    I LOVe some mums too. I miss seeing them come in at the garden center where i used to work. Hundreds of them if not thousands….amazing . They are such a good deal too as they are pretty reliable about coming back every year. Their worst cuprit is if they stay too wet , they need good drainage.

    You’d be proud , got my bike out the other day and braved traffic and busy intersections…..AND survived! Gotta use those hand signals! Hugs! deb

  • Ang

    The gluteny bagel looks so good. Sigh. I guess I’ll be content with my Udi’s GF bagels. Honestly they aren’t half bad! Definitely the best I’ve tried.

    YAY for the pink campaign! happy
    Ang´s last blog post ..A New Favorite Restaurant

  • I love mums! Never knew what they were until they started blooming in our backyard, when we moved into our house in June I thought they were weeds, glad I didn’t pull them!
    Jen@FoodFamilyFitness´s last blog post ..Mamavation Sistahood

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