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More flat tires!

Just a quick miscellaneous post today as I am swamped with stuff to do.

I just had to share Bagel Wednesday, though!

Check out the temperature this morning when we arrived.

It actually popped up a degree while I was getting my camera out.  The overnight low was in the upper 40s :shock:

I had a delicious wheat bagel with maple walnut cream cheese today.  I don’t normally like sweetened cream cheese, but I do love the maple goodness!

We biked home and 2 miles from home, would you know – another flat!  WTF?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

What is going on with that!  That is 5 flat tires since April, 4 of them occurring in the past couple of weeks.  We got that changed with our last tube and finished out the ride, but that put me behind for the day.  John spent part of the day with the new ultimate patch kit for our tubes.  It is a permanent patch and better than the scabs.  I may have to get a thicker tire or something, but it is less than a year old!

Sigh…. My forehead wrinkle has gone from a wrinkle, to a divot, to now a crevasse.

Regarding the run last night.  We ran the whole 1.25 miles on the way there.  Or jogged, rather.  It was okay.  A little uncomfortable and I wasn’t really loving it all that much.

We enjoyed our coffee and walked some of the way home, then jogged for the last little over 1/2 mile home.  So about 1-3/4 miles of jogging.

Today, my left thigh is tight and stiff, but no knee pain.  So that is good.  I am not sure where I will take this from here, if anywhere.  Just thought I would update you all.

Gotta run!  Things to do, people to see, places to go and all that stuff.

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