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More flat tires!

Just a quick miscellaneous post today as I am swamped with stuff to do.

I just had to share Bagel Wednesday, though!

Check out the temperature this morning when we arrived.

It actually popped up a degree while I was getting my camera out.  The overnight low was in the upper 40s :shock:

I had a delicious wheat bagel with maple walnut cream cheese today.  I don’t normally like sweetened cream cheese, but I do love the maple goodness!

We biked home and 2 miles from home, would you know – another flat!  WTF?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

What is going on with that!  That is 5 flat tires since April, 4 of them occurring in the past couple of weeks.  We got that changed with our last tube and finished out the ride, but that put me behind for the day.  John spent part of the day with the new ultimate patch kit for our tubes.  It is a permanent patch and better than the scabs.  I may have to get a thicker tire or something, but it is less than a year old!

Sigh…. My forehead wrinkle has gone from a wrinkle, to a divot, to now a crevasse.

Regarding the run last night.  We ran the whole 1.25 miles on the way there.  Or jogged, rather.  It was okay.  A little uncomfortable and I wasn’t really loving it all that much.

We enjoyed our coffee and walked some of the way home, then jogged for the last little over 1/2 mile home.  So about 1-3/4 miles of jogging.

Today, my left thigh is tight and stiff, but no knee pain.  So that is good.  I am not sure where I will take this from here, if anywhere.  Just thought I would update you all.

Gotta run!  Things to do, people to see, places to go and all that stuff.

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18 comments to More flat tires!

  • Have you replaced the tube completely?

  • If you used the same tires on the bike trainer, they definitely need to be replaced. Are the flats mostly on the rear? Trainers are terribly hard on rear tires compared to “real” riding. Mine did the same thing last spring. It’s bad enough that you can buy special tires just for use on the trainer.

    After that I replaced my tires with Panaracer T-Serv Protex tires, which have an unholy amount of flat protection. I’ve really been liking them. I know they’ve been through glass a handful of times, but no flats so far (in probably 2000 miles?).

  • Sorry about the tire, that is so frustrating! I tried the 1 minute flax muffin this morning, the applesauce version and I cannot believe how great it tasted and how long it kept me. I didn’t have any toppings, but had a nice bowl of sweet juicy cantaloupe on the side. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  • Kim

    Ick, sorry to hear about those flats. My only bike maintenance knowledge is to take mine to the friendly bike guys in the local shop. Good luck getting to the bottom of the tire problem!

  • Another flat sucks – but it sounds like the trainer might be the culprit? Or else maybe you need BMX-type tires, lol!

  • That’s a total bummer about the flat. But that info about the trainer is good to know.

  • All these flat tires are so bizarre! Good thing on no knee pain. Running definitely leaves me with some knee soreness.

  • WTF is right…must be so frustrating. Glad the run didn’t hurt your knee!

    Hope your day was great!!!

  • MB

    Really? Another flat? Did they start mixing glass on the pavement there? Mmmm…maple cream cheese….

  • Lori – what is with all the flat tires!!!!!!!!!!! Craziness! On the good end – that bagel looks delish!!!! Hope you got all your stuff done so not so busy for you today!

  • Sheesh! I was p.o.’d having one flat; I can’t imagine having five of them! Here’s hoping the worst is behind you….

  • Well, suckity suck suck suck! I think you’ve had your quota of those for the season.

    Interesting how you felt on your jog and will be interesting to see if you do anything with that. Although you are so happy with your biking and your other workouts I don’t even see why you’d need to, especially when you don’t love it. I suppose these days I’m just feeling that life is way too short to not do exactly what you love.

  • You’re haunted by flat tires these days. It must be so irritating for you.

    Guess I’ve turned the good weather over to you because here it’s not so good. It looks like rain, rain and rain next week when we’re away.

    It seems to me that running just isn’t your thing and that’s okay. You’re enjoying biking and lifting so much more. I would just stick to that and do what you love.

  • Roz

    Another flat??? DARN!! But NOT darn about your knee! Glad it didn’t hurt after your run. Enjoy your busy day Lori!

  • Wow- you’ve had so many flats lately! Hope you can get that figured out!

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