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The green, green trails of home

Would you like to come along on 2 rides?  The weather was a little hit or miss this weekend.  At first, we were going to go for a longer ride on Saturday, but there was rain coming on radar.  Then we decided to go for a shorter ride and get it in before the rain came.  We chose to go through the streets to Crandall Park.

John is watching the kids across the street.  They were driving/pedaling a big pink jeep, which was cute.

Crandall Park is about 8 miles from home.  It is next door to the Y, where I used to go when I was training for the triathlon.

It’s actually right next to the main road, but you wouldn’t know it.  It looks very secluded.

You can just make out the road in the background

The water is full of fish, bluegills and something else that is much bigger.  Bass maybe?

Funny, you can fish here if you are a senior citizen or under 15, but not in between.  I am thinking a Memorial Weekend picnic here is in order (Mom, Dad?)

We got home 17  miles round trip.  And it started to rain just as we got home!

Sunday we decided to bike farther to breakfast and try a new bagel place.  I fueled up with a protein drink before heading out the door.  It was cloudy and really humid today.  We decided not to stray too far from home today as rain was forecast for the mid afternoon.

The path to Lake George was exploding in green.  Here is where the path leaves Glens Falls and enters the Adirondaks.  This is about 7.5 miles in.

That building to the left is an ice cream shop.  One of the many.  We actually don’t go here often because they serve Edy’s ice cream, which we can buy in the store, plus no yogurt. They do have jazz concerts on Sundays in the summer, though.

I stopped a few times to take pictures because it was so crazy green!  Almost like the Emerald Forest. This is the top of a hill before going down and curving around.

Time for a quick sugar snack at mile 11.  I was getting hungry by this time and super sweaty from the humidity.

I love ginger! Note the thread on my gloves.  They are already falling apart.  I am so hard on my stuff.

We had a bit more of a climb and then a 2 mile free for all down hill.  I hit 28 mph!  The nice thing about early Sunday mornings is that only dweebs are out that early, so John and I had the path pretty much to ourselves.

We arrived to Lake George at 16 miles. We both decided that is too far for breakfast.  The new place that opened in Lake George?

An interesting concept.  This place was really long and narrow.  A little odd. Not much seating, but in an Adirondack style.

I had a cheddar bagel with cream cheese.

They ran out of coffee before we each got a cup, though!  Had to wait for it to be brewed.  Nice fresh coffee, but having to wait after biking 16 miles was hard.  The bagel had a nice flavor to it, and they made them there, which is nice.  I would have liked a chewier crust, though.  Not sure if they boil these bagels or just bake them.

The Lake is about ready for tourists.

All the cheesy t-shirt shops are open now.  Lake George is an odd mix.

They do have an awesome bakery  – the Lake George Baking Company.

We each got something to go to have later.

We headed back, this time climbing up for 2 miles.  Powered by bagel!

Wouldn’t be surprised if the city of Oz showed up at the end of the path.

At mile 30, we stopped at a garden center that I have been dying to go into every time we bike by.

I drank some coconut water:

I then proceeded to almost hyperventilate at all the flowers.  This is one of those nurseries that is just a joy to go to because their displays are wonderful. And they had 11 greenhouses.  11!!!  We only looked at 3:

John reminded me that it could rain, so I made a plan to come back later on my own by car :mrgreen:

We then headed home and reached there at mile 38.8.

Ride stats:

Total miles : 38.8

Ride time:  3 hours 6 minutes

Average speed: 12.4 mph

Top speed: 28 mph!

Calories burned:  1164.

I was really hoping for a longer ride today, but the weather was iffy, although it turned out to be okay – so we could have gone further.  I did enjoy going back to the garden center, though.  :mrgreen:

Oh, and my item bought at the bakery?

An almond horn!  One of my favorite cookies.  We had lattes at home with our snacks.

Question:  Is your area green or dry right now?

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