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Of Markets and Anniversaries

The weather was fairly well a flop this weekend, but we had a good time regardless.  The only clear time was Saturday morning, so John and I snuck out on the bikes to hit the farmer’s market.

The market is small, but actually bigger than it was.  I don’t know why they don’t let in more vendors because there is a waiting list.

John bought some apples and maple syrup.

I bought some jam for my  mom and some rhubarb!

We then went over to the library.

I found my 28-day shapeover book (one of the monthly goals).

We were hungry at this point and decided to have a lunch close to home in case it started raining.  We decided on Cafe on the Park.

This came under new ownership in January and I am not sure the food is quite as good as it was.  I got my usual omelet, but the toast we really anemic.  Have you ever seen toast that small?

The omelet was good, though, and you can’t beat the price.

Then it was just rainy for the rest of the day.

The rain continued into Sunday, which was picnic day at my parent’s house.  It was a combo anniversary/birthday picnic.  My parents celebrated their 45th anniversary on Saturday and my father’s birthday is on Wednesday.

I tried my hand at writing on the cake:

Not too bad.

Note – I did not do the balloons.

I am jealous of my parents’ backyard:

However, with the rain, the food table was set up inside:

Burgers, hot dogs, my  mother’s famous german potato salad.


I managed to do a complete face plant into the trail mix of mixed nuts, M&Ms and craisins.  I got too full with all of that.

We played some cards:

and made my dad sit through singing.

Note the pained smile :twisted:

I was full, but I somehow managed to eat some cake *and* more trail mix.  I think it is the M&Ms.  They have some kind of power.

We have a week of rain on tap.  A week!  That means I dragged this inside tonight:

I have a Futurama cued up to watch after this post.  I don’t think I could peddle enough miles to burn off half of the M&Ms I ate. :oops:

Question:  Do you like M&Ms?

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