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Blooms and bagels

What a nice day today!  It was cloudy, but not raining, so we biked on to Orange Cat cafe for breakfast.

I had a blueberry bagel with fluffy cream cheese.  I think they switched over to whipped or something.  Pretty generous with it as well…

It was really humid today, though.  I was dripping sweat during today’s ride.  For the last mile and a half of the ride, I really pushed it, keeping the speed at an average 16 mph for that time.  Phew!  I need to do more of that.  12 miles down today and full tummy.

Work was spotty for the first part of the day, so I got some work done on the renovation.  Just about done painting and the tile is just about grouted.  We might even install the toilet and sink this weekend!  We do still need to buy the door to the bathroom and the pantry, but we were waiting for a day with no rain as the doors will be sticking out of the car some.  Good luck with that, right?  April showers and all that.

Lunch time:

I also snagged a granola bar that John made for his Wednesday poker game:

This warm weather has caused some blooms!  My early tulips came up.

It’s amazing how one day nothing and the next – blooms!

Latte snack with almond milk:

Almond milk makes a lot of foam, but I don’t care for that so much because it is a dry foam.  I like silky milk foam better.

Plus, I had  a couple bowls of peanuts and chocolate chips.

Sigh.  It’s almost enough to make me give up the wheat for good, but not quite.

I thought long and hard about some canned salmon for dinner, as John bought a can a while ago and it has been sitting there in the pantry for a while.  I just couldn’t do it, though.  Instead – I had popcorn fish!

Tonight, I am going to swear off the snacking.  I just need to hydrate right now with this warm weather :mrgreen:

Pixie wore herself out today.  We had windows open and she was all ADHD going from window to window to check them out.  She needed a nap:

Now she is sleeping.

Question: Do you take naps?

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