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March goals

Lifting day! After the dreariness of yesterday, today’s bright sunshine was a welcome relief, even though it is still cold. I was up early, though, thanks to Ms. Pixie pushing on the door wanting her crack.  So, I was at the gym earlier than usual.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Stiff-legged deadlift 3 sets of 10 at 75# Lower Body
1-arm Dumbbell Row 3 sets of 8 with 20 DB# Back
Planks 3 sets of 60-second holds Core
Barbell Bench Press 3 sets of 10 at 55# Chest
Calf Raise 3 sets of 10 at 170# Calves
Lower Back Extension 3 sets of 10 at 100# Low Back
Arnold Press 3 sets of 12 with 10# DBs (20# total) Shoulders
Pliet Squat 3 sets of 10 with 35# DB Lower Body

Good stuff. Out of all of those, the plank is the hardest. Least amount of weight and movement, the most sweat and increased heart rate.  Go figure.

I was ready for some peanut flour waffles!  Topped with coconut butter.

I am going to have to break down and order peanut flour online.  Maybe I can find a place that sells that and coconut flour (wanting to try that, too).

I wrapped up February yesterday, so now time for this months ‘to-do’ list!

1.  Start ramping up the bike riding on the trainer in preparation for outdoor rides (with cupcakes!).  This means longer ride times.  I bet we will even get in a long outdoor ride this month! :D

2.  Keep working with some sugar/grain free days.  Really liking eating the fat.  I am not focusing on any weight loss this month.  I will be increasing carbs to keep up with the increase in biking miles.

3. Start soap production again, I think.  Need to sit down and really decide if I want to do a website and all that again.

4. Keep trying new recipes.  I have been having fun with this.

5.  Work on our new 1/2 bath addition!  We are making progress on this and I am excited to get past the initial construction and get into the nitty gritty.

This month will be fairly busy, so that is about all I am committing to.

Lunch time!  John wanted to go out for dinner tonight, so I wanted to get in my veggies with lunch.

This sauce on the chicken was an 1/8th cup of canned tomato sauce with 1 tsp of heavy cream.  Easy and really good!  You probably will be seeing this again soon. :mrgreen:

Lots of work to do today.  Gotta love this.  One of my files today included this:  “the patient sustained injury to his left middle finger when he placed it into a snowblower.”  Ummmm…. ow, and what were you thinking??? Seriously.

This job is kind of funny because it is sort of like tuning into a movie in the middle and not quite knowing what happened to get you where you are.  I just have to wonder what exactly goes through a person’s mind before they stick their finger into a snowblower.  Probably not much…

Latte break:

Tried to decide where to go for dinner that was inexpensive without being pizza.  So, that meant back to Denny’s LOL!

I had a cheese omelet (whole eggs)

Plus some fruit.

Then we stopped at K-Mart for a real quality evening as we needed coffee filters and motor oil.  I shouldn’t be mean because K-Mart had fresh strawberries for $1 a pound!  We picked up 3.  Might be making some jam this week.  Awesome!

Tonight I have some soap to make for a special order (one reason why I might crank the production back up) and working on the laundry room.  It is going to be a busy week.  Can’t wait for bagels tomorrow!

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