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Last Hot 100 update and monthly wrap up

Happy New Year’s Eve!!  It’s been a nice quiet day.  Very little work to do, but there may be some more tonight.

Since it was going to be 40 degrees out, I decided an outdoor run would be nice to do today.  That meant waiting until it actually got up to 40!  So breakfast it was!

Delicious protein waffles and apple cranberry topping.  I used fresh cranberries instead of dried because we had them.  Good choice.

The last Hot 100 update!  Thanks Steve for hosting this challenge to keep us all in line the last part of the year!

  1. Maintain my weight. The scale is going back down again as I have been eating really well this week.
  2. No eggnog lattes until Thanksgiving day!   This goal is done.
  3. Do the duathlon and at least 1 more 5K race before the end of the year. This goal is also done for the year.
  4. Do stretching exercises 4 days a week at least.  Did 4 days.
  5. Visit one new blog each week that is participating in the Hot 100 Challenge and cheer them on.  I’m still trying with this.  I wish I could have gotten around to everyone!
  6. Do one no-added sugar day each week.  Success!

Overall pretty pleased with the challenge.  I do have some work to do on my weight, but there is always next year hahaha!

After doodling around for most of the morning, I fixed lunch.

I like baking the breaded shrimp in the toaster oven.    After letting lunch settle for a while and watching Jeopardy,  I decided to go out for my run.  I did have an ulterior motive to this run.  John went for a walk and then our paths criss-crossed so I could use this:

Expires today!  I have had this coupon for over a year and never used it. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  After 3.5 miles, I had a scoop of apple pie ice cream.

Hooray!  It tasted even better because it was free!

I was so sweaty, too.  Good thing I didn’t wear the turtleneck.  Then I ran the last 1/2 mile to home.  I think one should always stop for ice cream in the middle of a run.  4 miles done for the last day of the year.  Yay!

Now for a look at my personal goals for December.

  • Keep an eye on my portions.  I did okay with this.  I certainly ate a lot on Christmas eve and Christmas. Probably not as good as I did the year before.
  • Relax!  I am very go-go-go and forget to just chill out.  That means more reading and listening to music.  I did read more and played more computer games LOL
  • I will barbell squat 105 pounds with 6 reps by the end of the month.  I am at 95 right now, so I should make it.  Crap.  I did 100 pounds for 6 reps.  It was hard just adding the 5 pounds and getting 6 reps done, let alone 10.  Not sure what I was thinking there. Although I am proud at squatting 100 pounds.
  • Reflect on this past year.  Done!

Now I need to make my ‘to-do’ list for 2011.   No resolutions.  Just things to do and work towards.  No pressure.  I’ll ponder that this weekend.

I am going to sign off early for the holiday.  We don’t have much planned except trying to stay awake until midnight and watching movies.  Maybe playing a few video games:

Have a safe and Happy New Year and see you on the flip side!

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