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“Home” Duathlon and family feast.

Sunday morning!  For those that missed, I mentioned on Friday why were are not doing the official duathlon, but are doing it on our own at home.  Making it official for us, though!

I started off with my usual race combo brekkie with extra PB:

I wore my bib number from last year’s duathlon.

Funny that I was nervous for this.  Shows that I was taking it seriously.  Transition area set up:

There is coconut water in my water bottle for the bike, regular water in the 2nd bottle.

The temp said 39 degrees when we started, but at least it was sunny! We set off on the run together, but John soon pulled away. He is speedy McGee compared to me.  The run felt pretty good.  We altered the course just a little bit and in doing so, added an extra hill.  It was a little tiring!  2.3 miles in and it was transition 1:

This was supposed to be a thumb’s up, but my thumb didn’t want to cooperate I guess LOL!  I forgot to note the time when I stopped running, but I looked at my watch later and it was at 24 minutes, so I estimate I finished the run in about 22-23 minutes. Even though I was really sweaty, I was so glad to have this jacket on.  The first part of the bike ride was downhill and 40 degrees plus sweat and 24 miles per hour is really cold!  I was really trying to push the ride, but there was a headwind for the first 7 miles, so that was tough.  I hit a red light as I was going out of town and pulled up next to a motorcycle.  The guy looked over at me and said, “Wanna race?”  Har har.

I realized that I had forgotten to put my protein bar in my pocket at that point.  Oops.  Lucky thing that having started this from home breakfast was much closer to race time than it would have been.  I also knew I had a bottle full of coconut water.

John and I crossed paths around the turnaround point.  I was a half mile to the turnaround when he was coming the other way, so I was about a mile behind him.  Once I hit the turn around, I could really book it because of a tailwind.  I ended up the 16 miles going an average speed of 14.5 mph in 1:08.

Hopped off, changed shoes and munched on the rock hard cold protein bar that I had forgotten.  I ate about 3/4 of it while changing shoes and then set off for the other 2.3 miles.  I was tired at this point, particularly my left leg.  Just that last nagging thing from the herniated disk.  I had to walk a little bit on the 3rd hill of the run, I was tired!  I was annoyed at the person who designed this route.  Oh wait… it was me! I passed by our house with one more block to go, and John had finished and cheered me on :D   I also found a dollar, too! 2.3 miles later and I was done!

Finished up in 2:03 including transition times.  I was pretty pleased, although I just do not have my pre-injury run speed back at all.  I am missing about minute or more per mile speed still.

Reenactment of John crossing the finish line:

I took first place in the women age 40-45 category!

Then we had to come in and make an apple cobbler to take to my parent’s house for dinner as my uncle and his wife were coming up, or so we thought.  After we got that in the oven, my Mom called and they lost their power!  We offered to have them bring the food over and we would host the dinner.  Good thing our house was fairly neatened up.  John and I are pretty easy going, and actually like entertaining so we didn’t mind at all.

We quick set up a table:

It actually was nice because we just had to slide the pork roast in the oven and reheat a few other things.  That’s the way to host a dinner!

My mom’s famous german potato salad.  It’s her curse because she always has to make it for every family gathering.  Yum!  I was really hungry, even though I snacked on nuts, crackers, and cheese.  Maybe it was 2 hours of exercise or something…

The brothers:

My dad, mom, Bobbye, and my uncle Dick:

It was so nice to see them.  We have had a lot of family doin’s in the last month.

The only downside today?  I lost the football picks.  Boooo.  That means I have to buy John dinner this week.

Now we are going to cart our dessert over to my folk’s house and my sister’s family will be heading over there as well.  More family!  Good thing I took today off of work.  Here is dessert:

Interesting tidbit I found out about my family.  Genealogy tracing of my paternal side of the family shows Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) making an appearance in there.  How cool is that?

John and I are both noticing stiff quads now.  I will wait and see if I want to go to the gym tomorrow.

It’s off to cobbler time!

Question:  How well do you handle unexpected company?

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