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What’s blooming and no sugar day.

Free as a bird for the weekend as of now since I finished up work!  The work week went by so fast.  I woke up waaaay to early today.  I told myself I was going to sleep in, so that meant my eyes popped open at 6:00 am.  What is up with that?  My normal waking time is 6:30.

BTW – Nibbler won the throwdown yesterday.  I snacked a lot last night to the tune of a Zone bar, some cashews, a piece of toast with fluff and some coconut M&Ms.   Now that is a snack binge.  Funny thing?  I still was not full after eating all that. Certainly not hungry, but I should have been stuffed.  My body is so weird sometimes.

I finally remembered to make my oats in a jar today with the almost empty jar of nut butter that has been in the fridge for weeks.  About 1/2 a serving in there.

I also remembered to soak some steel cut oats overnight to cook up with a banana today and egg whites.

This was tasterrific!  Steel cut custard oats have an extra special chewy creaminess to them.  If I wasn’t accountable on the blog, I would probably eat some form of oats for breakfast and lunch every day.

Had a busy morning with conference call for work and a window estimate  for our house.  Our house was built in the 1890s and still has some of its original parts, like the windows.   Old stuff is charming, but in upstate NY, that is not so charming come winter time.  These are big windows, too, and we need 17 of them done.  Can you whistle the tune of $6500+ for that?   :shock:  I can’t quite do it without choking.  We are getting one more estimate, but this one actually looks pretty good.  It will pay off in the long run, so we will get at least half of them done this summer some time.

Lunch break of an egg/laughing cow wrap with hot sauce.  Plus a yummy pear, which I always sprinkle cinnamon on.

I wish that I could eat fruit all the time.  As it is, I eat 3 servings a day at least.

Then it was back to work with my little helper:

Regarding the apple yogurt cake from yesterday.

Here is the link to the full recipe.  John made the following substitutions: Replaced the oil in that recipe with a 4oz applesauce, and replaced half of the flour with whole wheat flour.  Otherwise, as written. 1/8 of the cake has 220 cal (which is about twice the size of the piece in this picture).

It’s yum!  I really wanted a piece today, but I went with a no added sugar day today.  Instead, I had a latte:

And a date stuffed with some slivered almonds.  Sweet and crunchy:

We decided to bike to dinner tonight, since it is the start of my weekend.  Wanted something inexpensive and casual, which means pizza!

Cheese and white pizza.  Can you say garlic?  Good thing John had a slice of that as well.  As you can see, I did eat 2 pieces.  Really, 1-1/2 would have been fine and I left a bit of the crust.  Dinner for 2 for under $10?  Check!  Plus a workout to boot.  Then it was off to the library to get a new book out.  I nixed the last one.  13+ mile ride tonight.

Going to show you a few bloom pics today, as tomorrow’s post is a special ‘what’s blooming’ anniversary for me!  The old fashioned day lilies are now starting to go:

Scentimental rose.  I love the smell of this one.


And I found a home for Mr. Buddha:

Tonight’s no added sugar dessert:

Sigh…. I love berries.

Make sure you come back to check out Friday’s post.  It’s a milestone one!

Have a super night :D

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