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Vegging out.

Back to work time today.  Ever get a little out of routine and it messes you up?  I start every day with a glass of water.  My water glass was not in the bathroom, since it was in the dishwasher, so I didn’t get started with that, and then I left my camera at home for bagel day!  Ooops!  I would have forgotten our reusable grocery bags if John hadn’t brought them, too.

Here is approximately what breakfast looked like:

Asiago cheese bagel!  Move over Picasso….

Stopped for groceries and got a whole bunch of fruit.  I wonder if I eat too much fruit?  Also extra veggies (will explain later).

Had a busy start to the work day, which is a little unusual for Sundays, but I’ll take it!  Then broke for lunch:

Egg puff on tortilla with laughing cow.  I loves me some hot sauce!

Regarding the 100-mile bike ride.  Sometimes I forget that I haven’t posted or written about something, and then mention it later to much confusion.  There is no specific ride John and I are doing, but I wanted a challenge to myself this summer and that sounded like a nice way to do it.  So, we are going to do a day of 100 miles this summer (after we are better conditioned for long rides).  It will take us all day long, so it has to be during maximum day length.  We are trying to map a route that will allow stops for rest and eating along the way.  I am excited about it :D

Work slowed down in the afternoon, so I went for a nice leisurely walk.  Have to take a rest day, so I consciously walked slower.  This little guy was having a snack!

Speaking of, I came back and made lattes.

And some fruit:

John cooked up a pork loin for dinner that was oh-so-good!  You will see this a few times this week, as there is a lot left.

So, regarding the extra veggies.  My goal this week is to have more vegetables.  That means I am going to make sure I add a serving of vegetables to lunch each day as well as having them for dinner.   Seems appropriate for National Nutrition Month! Anyone want to join me on this challenge this week?

Giveaway tomorrow!

Question:  Extra serving of veggie challenge anyone?

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