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Everything’s bigger in… NY??

Woke up way too early this morning.  My gym doesn’t open until 8, and I was up at 6:30.  I had a snack and thought “It’s supposed to be 40 degrees today, I can run outside!”  Well, yes 40 degrees, but not at 7 am!  I did a 2-mile loop and came back to the house.  It was cold and the sidewalks were really sloppy, so I had to run in the shoulder (hope Mom doesn’t read that :-?  ).  Anyway, I decided to just wait and finish up at the gym.  Ran 4 miles on the treadmill for a good 6 mile run total.  Saturday workouts always feel like a Friday, if that makes any sense, in that it’s the last workout of the week for me, so I am ready for a day off tomorrow!  I am very pleased about my mileage this week.  I did a total of 20 miles!  That is a 10% increase from last week.  I will keep it the same for next week, as it is important not to increase too much each week.

With such a spaced out workout, I was ready for brekkie!  Pumpkin multigrain topped with craisins and a bit of pecan butter.

Yay!  It was good.  I was very sad when this bowl was gone (how sad is that :mrgreen:  ).  I finally got caught up in my google reader and with emails and such.  I swear that’s a full-time job in itself, know what I mean??

I was trying to use up some fridge stuff for lunch, so I made an interesting meal.  I mixed together chocolate protein powder (don’t forget to read my post from earlier!) and greek yogurt, and spread it on a toasted Josef’s pita with the last sprinkle of mini chips.

This was  good, although the pita was so crispy I had to use a fork to eat it because it kept breaking apart.

After lunch, it was down to meet my sister at BJ’s Wholesale.  My trial membership expires in a couple weeks, so we wanted to stock up on a few staples.  Afterwards, we popped across to the mall and stopped at a coffee shop that had the perfect name!

It was cute.  The owner obviously does artwork and jewelry, since this was for sale everywhere.

I had a latte and half a cookie.

Me and sister (who sprained her knee – ouch!).

One thing about BJ’s, either everything is in case form or giant form.  Check out these huge bags:

That chocolate chip bag is 72 ounces!  Should last a good long time.  John and I eat a lot of nuts and make nut butters.  BJs has great prices on almonds and pecans.  Almonds were $3.99 a pound!

Football time!  That means we’re in for the night.  I had a dinner salad and cleaned out the rest of the spring mix bag.  Check out this giant bowl of lettuce for 30 calories!

Guess that’s the good thing about salads.

Off to watch more of the games.  There is chocolate in the house…….

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