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The colors of food

Finished up my work week! Yes!  Now it’s relaxing time.  Sort of.  Lots to do this weekend.  Don’t forget to enter the book giveaway if you haven’t!

Started off the morning with a good run.  While I truly miss my biking since it is winter, I am actually enjoying just concentrating on running.  Over the summer and fall I was doing NROLW, and training for a triathlon and duathlon, so I couldn’t focus on just one thing.  So this has been fun.  I did my speedwork yesterday, so today I put on something from jogtunes and went to town (or rather went on the hamster wheel…winking.  I varied the speed a little according to the music, but pretty much averaged 5.5 to 5.7 mph.  I did 6 miles today.  It really felt good.  I’m not sure if the runner’s high is real or not, maybe it is just feeling good running that far LOL!  Put me in a really good mood all day long.

Came home and had some steel cut oats cooked with a nana, and topped with those itty bitty mini chips.  I love how 1 serving looks like a billion chips (hello bulk eater).

Plus some delicious cafe au lait:

Everything was so hot.  I was practically dancing around waiting for it to be cool enough to eat or drink :shock:

One of the reasons I love  working from home is because I get to work like this:

At least I was showered and dressed, though :mrgreen:

Lunch was a hughjass salad with bbq chicken and feta cheese.  I am addicted to this mixture.  This picture doesn’t even show how big the bowl of salad mix was.  Probably 3 cups or more.

This is such a pretty and colorful lunch.  I used the 50/50 spring salad mix from Salad Express.  Gotta love salad in a bag!

Had an interesting phone conference today.  It involves the blog, so I hope some good things come out of it.   Only time will tell.

Afternoon caffeinated necessity:

Breezed through the afternoon of work.  I won the football picks this week, and almost thought about dinner out tonight, but I am leaning more towards breakfast or possibly lunch!  Go me!  :D  So instead, I kind of wanted some extra carbs (6 mile run will do that, I guess…winking.  I wanted a sweet potato, laughing cow,and some brussel sprouts, but also needed protein.  I decided on some lentils.  The idea was to put everything on the potato, but it was too small to hold the sprouts.  Ooops!

The lighting isn’t great, but the plate was very colorful while I was eating it :D  I love laughing cow on a sweet potato!  Who knew.  Funny thing during dinner.  John was kind of looking at my plate a little funny.  He then said that this plate was representative of how much I have changed.  Almost like we were in an alternate reality LOL!  Tastes really can change.

Think I might go out and buy some new walking shoes with a gift certificate I got from work (Christmas bonus).  Mine are pretty  much the worse for wear and I need something to walk around N’awlins and during the cruise!

Question:  What is one thing that you ate now that you would never have imagined you would eat?

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