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Salad daze

Boy – everyone sure made all those favorite cookies sound so good! I’ve got a hankerin’ for some bakerin’!

Last day of the work week for me today! WooHoo!  The weather was forecast to be quite warm, so I actually slept in until 7 am today knowing I would run later outside.

Had forthought last night  to do some overnight steel cut oats.  Soaked them and then added a mashed banana during cooking.  Topped with chocolate sauce and almond butter.  Yum!


My legs and butt are sore today from the squats I did yesterday.  Squats always do that unless I keep doing them!  I won’t be doing any lifting tomorrow to rest my muscles for a 5K on Saturday.

Lunch was salad #1 today!  I kind of got on this BBQ chicken salad kick.  It’s so easy and tastes so good!  I warm up the chicken (cooked) and mix it with BBQ sauce, then use feta cheese and sliced almonds.


It’s one of those things that takes 5 minutes (with salad in a bag!) and looks so ‘bistro.’  This was a huge bowl of lettuce, too.

After lunch and my afternoon latte snack, I hit the track.  It was 55 degrees today, can you believe that?  Cloudy, but great running temperature.  I was thinking 4 miles, but told myself to do at least 3.  I ended up at 3.75 miles and called it a day.  Funny how my legs were so sore moving around, but they don’t feel sore when I run.

John won the football picks this week, and his choice for dinner was Chipotle.  (He changed his mind from chinese earlier!).  I had another salad for dinner!


Barbacoa on lettuce with some cheese and salsa.  Really good!  I was really hungry after that run, too.

After dinner, we did a bit of Christmas shopping and got several more people done.  Yay!  Our dinners seemed a little small, so we decided to split a treat:


Dunkin Donuts chocolate mint donut!  This is really good, I have to say.  With some decaf coffee.  I could easily have eaten a whole donut, but I am glad John split this with me.

Ornament of the day:


It’s Horton!  I love Dr. Seuss (as does MizFit), and Horton is one of several Seussian inhabitants on our tree.  I grew up loving Dr. Suess books!  My very favorite is the Grinch – that is my very favorite Christmas special on TV, too (not the Jim Carrey one, ick!).

Question:  What is your favorite Christmas special?

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