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3-day weekend and bleeping cold!

It’s so cold out!  I wanted an outside bike ride, but again, this morning it was 30 degrees when I woke up.  So, I waited until later.  I am going to put flannel sheets on the bed tonight (I am such a dork to get excited about that…winking.

It was definitely a morning for warm oats.  I made banana PB&J oats:


This was with the Silver Palate oats.  This bowl kept me full from 8 until noon!  I am shocked.  I did supplement with mid morning tea:


This is good tea.  My very favorite tea is good old fashioned Constant Comment, though!

I will spare you my boring lunch of tuna sandwich today.  I had it toasted to keep warm.  It stayed cloudy and I knew it wouldn’t get much warmer, so a bit after lunch I put on a long sleeve technical shirt, my workout jacket and a fleece jacket and headed out for a ride.  It was so cold!  Windy, too.   I just did a 9-10 mile easy pace ride.  My legs feel pretty good.  Another couple easy days and they should be fresh for the duathlon!  I had some company on the canal for my ride:


There were about a dozen ducks swimming in the same direction I was going.   Coming back the wind was at my back, so it went quicker.  I did not even get the least bit sweaty on this ride.  I have to remember that I did a run last December when it was 15 degrees out, so I can do it in the mid 30s.

I was thoroughly chilled to the bone (bicycle-sicle!) when I got back and John made me a latte and I bundled back up in a sweatshirt.  I was happy to get this!  (This is my work station).


Last day of work for the week.  I am taking Sunday off to chillax (to quote Lynn) after my duathlon.  I am going to freeze that day!  I am more worried about the weather than the actual duathlon.  Overnight temps are supposed to be 30 degrees and a high in the mid 40s.   The duathlon starts at 9 am, so it will be around 35 by my best guestimation. I need to revamp my clothing ideas for that day and just layer up.  I think my technical turtleneck is in order.  I just worry about getting too hot with that on, since it is really hard to get off (it’s tight) I would have to wear it the whole time.

Pink item for the day!


Ice cream is so unappealing right now LOL!  Guess that’s a good thing.

If you like pumpkin like I do, Fat Fighter TV has posted links to 10 healthy pumpkin recipes (including one of mine!).  Pumpkin butter is on my agenda.

Dinner was a happy accident.  We had a bit of ground turkey and I just sauteed it and then dumped in the rest of the steamer veggies with cheese sauce that we had leftover from the other day.  It came out yummy!  Plus, John made some jalapeno corn bread.  I am all about the warm stuff today.


Having a little problem with snacking since this afternoon, though.  Not sure if it is lack of sleep or the cold (a little from column A, a little from column B).  Dark chocolate chips and wheat thins make a great sweet/salty combo, but not in large quantities surprise

Tonight is blanket time and writing time.  Feels great to be on the eve of 3 days off!

Question:  What is your favorite tea?

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