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Today is John’s and my anniversary!  13 years ago we were married in the flat irons of Boulder, Colorado.
outside It was a gorgeous day – snow the day before, sunny and 70 the day of.  That’s Boulder for you!


You know one of the fun parts of this day?  For my bouquet, I went to the farmer’s market that morning and had a flower vendor do my bouquet – and it turned out gorgeous!  I also got sunflowers for my attendants.


13 years later and we are still a pair of goofs:


Forgive the mushiness here, but John is my best friend and someone who has supported me 110% all the time.  I don’t know how I would have done many of the things in life without his being my rock.

13 years later on our way to dinner:

anni Note the dress I decided upon :D

We went to Karavalli Indian Restaurant

Pappadum provided as we sat down.


John got the Shrimp Manga Curry: Shrimp cooked with fresh mango, coconut and tempered with curry leaves and mustard


I got the Malai Kofta: Cheese dumplings in a mild almond and cashew sauce


This was really good. It had a strong cinnamon flavor. The dumplings were almost rice-like in texture and very good.  Everything tasted very fresh and delicious!

I am pretty full at the moment!  I love Indian food.

Have a great night!

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