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The Great Veggie Experiment: Artichoke!

Artichokes were on sale for $1 a piece, so I thought I would cook one up for myself.  John didn’t want any.choke1

Trimmed up and ready for cooking – It’s purty inside:


I decided to microwave steam it, so I put it in water with salt and pepper and a bay leaf, covered with plastic wrap and microwaving for probably about 10-12 minutes total.

With dinner.  I had a bit of butter, lemon juice and worchestershire sauce in a dish for dipping, although I mostly just ate it plain:

dinner P5060022

Down to the choke:


Scraped out the thistle:


This was the best part as it had a meatiness to it that the leaves lacked.  You can just bite into the choke.   The taste was milder than a cabbage or asparagus with some type of flavor that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Sour maybe?  But not in a bad way, just different.  I could really taste the bay leaf, too.  This was fun, and certainly slowed dinner down, but I still like my broccoli better!

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9 comments to The Great Veggie Experiment: Artichoke!

  • A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare

    I love artichoke in things, but I’ve yet to try to cook one myself. I might just have to throw one on the grocery list for next week now!

  • Fat[free]Me

    Artichokes are the best, especially the choke (heart) part – yum! You often see them for sale in Italy (just the chokes), soaking in oil, even yummier (although not as healthy). I swear, I would do nearly anything for artichoke hearts, lol!

  • Tena

    Thanks for sharing this info! I’ve always felt intimidated by the whole artichoke. You’ve made it look so simple to prepare, I think I’ll get some next time I’m shopping. That meal looks yum!

  • skinnyhollie

    I saw one of these at the grocery the other day and thought, “I have no idea what that is.” LOL

    You have been awarded! Check out my blog from yesterday…

  • VeeGettingHealthy

    You’re pretty brave. I eat them from jars but tried once to do it myself. Found it very difficult…. so great for you! Vee at

  • Susan

    Ooh, I noticed that on your other blog and was hoping you’d do a write-up about it! I’ve only ever had artichoke hearts before, I didn’t even know you could eat the whole thing! I’ll have to keep my eye out for sales…

  • me

    I’ve never been brave enough to try one of those things. Maybe it’s the price that intimidates me – they usually run around the $5 mark here. I just don’t think I could try something for that price and never figure out how to eat the thing. I think I’ll stick with broccoli and brussel sprouts for now. But if they every come on sale I just might give it a try using your method.

  • Jenessa

    Hi there! I stumbled across your blog and your story is so incredibly motivating!! I , too, have 100+ lbs to lose and while it seems daunting, reading such wonderful success stories makes it feel so attainable happy Congratulations!!

    Oh… and that artichoke looks yummy!!


  • Chai Latté

    Mmmm I love artichokes!

    I hear angels singing when I finally get down to the heart! So much work in getting there! happy

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