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The Great Veggie Experiment: Chayote!

These looked fresh and appealing at the store, and it was 69 cents to give it a whirl. (Aren’t I the big spender!!)

Looks kind of like a pear doesn’t it? These are actually related to squash and melons. Also known as mirlitons (Nutcracker, anyone?)
I tasted it raw, and my mouth tasted pear, but not very sweet, if that makes any sense. A texture very similar to a hard pear. I cut it up and roasted it, as you know I like to do with new veggies.

Unlike squash, it stays pretty crisp, even after roasting. Surprisingly so. Any trace of sweetness was cooked out of it, and it was very mild. All in all, I think I liked it. I have half left, and I believe that I am going to thinly slice it and eat it raw on a sandwich with some hummus. Just to try it.

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