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Another on plan day.

Provided I get through the next few hours without raiding the fridge, another clean eating day with a good workout under my belt.
Tried to stay lower calorie again (1350). I will do well tomorrow until dinner, we are going out and I don’t know where yet – so that could present a bit of a challenge.

Breakfast will be out at Starbucks, and I am going to have the perfect oatmeal again. That will make me happy, even though it isn’t a bagel!

It just seems like there are oceans of food out there right now through the rest of the year. Platoons of cookies, special treats at the coffee shop (Cranberry Bliss bar, I am looking in your direction), hearty cream soups, eggnog. It’s kind of hard to decide which of those things to plan in, and which won’t be. I guess eggnog something is in, because that only comes around for a short time (thank goodness), except we do actually make nog, so I suppose we could do that anytime.

I was just thinking this morning that if I actually lost 4 pounds during the holiday season (which is feasible) I would be at goal for the beginning of the year. Now how about that for a New Year’s Resolution LOL. Kind of ironic to get to goal the time of year when you are supposed to be setting a goal.

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