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Outside jogging is winding down.

I think I am a bit of a wuss runner. I don’t have a treadmill, so I have to run outside. I started in April, so haven’t really hit any super cold spells yet. Only got poured on once.
It’s been getting very cold around here. Yesterday it was 28 degrees when I woke up, and we had a hard freeze. Not interested in jogging! DH and I were supposed to go out today, but it rained all day and was 45 degrees. I just did an exercise DVD inside.

I have found that leaves are slippery. Especially in this cold, damp weather. That’s a little alarming to skid around. Pretty, though.

So, looks like only 1 more run this week before my next race on Saturday.
It’s tempting to think about a treadmill, but the $$ and space deter me. Guess it’s time to change up the exercise routine!


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4 comments to Outside jogging is winding down.

  • SuperDave

    Yes I know, There is a reason I left Chicago – too cold! TN – I will be able to run most of the winter outside. Even though, I will use my gym membership when it’s real cold.

  • Skye-Lynn

    We bought a treadmill 2 years ago and we seriously regret it. Regardless of the weather, there is nothing like being outdoors.

  • MizFit

    wuss runner happy

    youre in good company, Woman.

    (looks down at self…winking

  • Foxglove Cottage

    I’m not up to running (yet) but I’ll bundle up and walk all winter…I don’t mind the cold. I’d love to have a treadmill but I’m space challenged as it is so I know what you mean.

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