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Recipe: Potato- crusted quiche

Here is the potato-crusted quiche recipe that John made. He made it for the family dinner and he also made it this week for the two of us.  The nice thing? While he was making it he took some pictures so that I could put them on the blog with the recipe.  What a good husband :D

potato crusted quiche

I really like quiche, but I am not a huge fan of the pie crust. The crust is usually the part that is problematic in quiches – or fruit pies, for that matter.  The solution? Use potatoes!  This also makes it gluten free. Anyway, this is the recipe that John based his version on from Food Network.


  • 2 medium-sized russet potatoes, peeled
  • 3 tablespoons  oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 whole eggs
  • 1.5 cups of milk
  • 1/2 cup of half and half
  • Pinch of  nutmeg
  • 6 ounces of smoked gruyere cheese (or cheese of choice, but smoked is awesome!)

Preheat the oven to 450 F.
Using a mandolin (or you could use a knife), slice the potato into thin rounds. I also realized that you could use the spiralizer on the chipper blade to make these as well.



Add the oil to the bowl and coat the potato slices.  Arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes until the potatoes are soft. You don’t want them crispy.



While the potatoes are cooking, whisk together the eggs, milk, half and half, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Then stir in 3/4 of the  shredded cheese (reserving about 1/2 a cup):



Set aside while you make the crust.  Once the potatoes are soft, use the potatoes to line a 9 inch pie plate with overlapping slices to look like a pie crust (sorry, no pic of this part).  *Reduce oven to 350 F at this point*

Then pour in the egg mixture into the pie plate and top the mixture with the remaining cheese. Place the pie plate onto a baking pan and bake in the oven (set at 350) for 40 to 50 minutes until the center is set (test with a knife – if it comes out clean, you are done.)



Let this cool for 15 or 20 minutes before serving if you can.

Potato Crusted  Quiche



This is really, really good. I actually don’t know if I would do the potatoes over the edge of the pie plate again as they get a little hard during baking, but I love, love the potatoes as crust.

Here was the other one he made and the potatoes were crispier.



If cut into 6 slices, this is about 300 calories. Cut into 8 slices and it is about 250 per slice. Of course, this will depend on the type of cheese you use and the milk.  The picture at the top of the page is about 1/8th. Leftovers are great with this as well. This is definitely going to be in our regular meal rotation – and it is officially John’s job now :D

House under contract!

Well, I think we are safe to share our good news!  The old Casa Radiance is now under contract!  All of it started to go down while John was out of town. Of course, right? Because it isn’t enough of a pain doing the initial negotiations and then having one of the parties out of town. Anyway, we got through our big hurdle, which was the inspection, and the house was acceptable :)  So, our part is done. Now the only thing left is waiting for the buyer’s financing to come through.  The nice thing is that we already have a house we are in, so we can close whenever her financing is done. That makes it a lot easier than having to coordinate closings.  The target date is May 9th, or hopefully earlier.  That will be a huge relief for us. Huge.

We have been doing riding the last few days and the temps have been feeling great at almost 70!  The frogs have woken up. Here they are singing away:

They almost sound like chickens, don’t they?

We have dropped inside housework like a hot potato now and started working on the outside of the house.  The front is so overgrown it is like a jungle. Years of neglect and piles and piles of dead ivy branches. We pulled this much out so far with a long way to go. 


The bonus is that we uncovered 2 outdoor electrical outlets that we had no idea were there – and they work!  Now we can have more Christmas lights :D 

The bushes will be coming down soon. They don’t look quite so bad from the street, but what we see coming out of the house is this:


So, yeah, there is a bit of work to do here. It might even look better all completely bare than with this stuff in place.

It will feel so good to get the other house sold and have our feet firmly in place in just one spot, I have to say.  Fingers crossed that the rest of stuff goes smoothly!

Active weekend!

The weather has finally cooperated and we spent a lot of time being active and out!  Friday was Siblings day and while I didn’t see my sis then, we did get together on Saturday.  


Nice picture for Colleen.  I had to be a goof, of course:



Sunday was so nice out. It ended up in the 60s – even though the day started below freezing!  Eek!  We walked to breakfast and got 2 miles of walking in.  Then we tested out John’s new purchase for his bike – a trailer!



He got this for taking packages to the post office. At our old place, he walked to the post office every day (1.5 miles round trip) and he misses doing that here since it is farther and we have been using the daily pickup. Now he has this so he can get that exercise back again.  We can also use it for grocery shopping!  The store is only a shade over 1 mile from the house, so we tested it out today.



It fit about an average week of groceries in there. We can’t get anything huge, like a 20 pound box of cat litter or a meg pack of toilet paper, but we did get a gallon of milk in there with all the rest of our stuff. It also comes right off the bike for regular riding, which we did later!  Too bad Pixie can’t ride in it.

We headed towards Lake George on the path again and decided to take it to the top of the hill we call the B*tch, which is about 2 miles from the lake, which would be a good test for the legs.

Here is the country club.  No golfers out yet as there is still snow on some of the greens.



This part was snowy before and now is clear.  Still so brown, though. 



This is the part right before you start climbing up the big hill.


Nobody ever gets off their bikes here, either. Stop, yes. Get off the bike. No.

Going along gangbusters and then oops!



Not really surprised to see this because it just hasn’t warmed up enough on the treed section yet. So we turned around.  It was pretty, though, with the snow melt.


After riding back in, we decide to make the first yogurt stop of the year! 


This is the place that serves Only 8 and while they sell ice cream all year, they only sell the froyo from April to October. Not sure why.  Anyway, it wasn’t a super long ride, so I had a kiddy vanilla with some raspberry sauce:



It’s amazing how warm 60 degrees can feel after months of really cold temps. 

So great to be out biking again for real!


Today’s total?  19 miles.



Legs are doing pretty good. Riding the trainer over the winter helps keep the saddle area ready for riding, but it does nothing for the hill legs.  This was a somewhat hilly ride and my legs were a little tired. Not bad, but I have a ways to go before a 50 mile ride. Looks like the weather will cooperate this week with some nice temps for riding as well!

What’s blooming!

Thank you for all the comments on the bathroom update.  We are enjoying it – and enjoying it being done!  

Now for some garden news…finally…I was really pleased to see some things out in the garden this week!



Can you see those? Tulip shoots!  I should have more coming up, but those might be later tulips.  I also see a ton of daylilies, which I knew were there, and some daffodils mixed in there.



If anyone wants daylilies, let me know. I have platoons of them. These are the really tall old fashioned orange ones. A lot of these will be moving from this bed as it is the full sun bed and I have other plans for it.

Our magnolia tree survived that wretched winter:



Unfortunately, we have to cut a big branch off of it because it is pushing the fence over. Or we need to cut away part of the fence.  However, this tree has buds!



I am pretty excited about having a magnolia.  I know next to nothing about trees and not much about shrubs, so I have some learnin’ to do.  We need shrubbery as we are pulling out a bunch this year.

Some things that didn’t fare so well? Those of you that read the post about the snow slide off the roof – well, the snow from that slide is almost gone except this part:


What it left in its wake was damaged ornaments.


That’s not supposed to be in 2 pieces.  Neither is my sundial:


The snow and ice is heavy when it comes rushing off a roof. It snapped the metal clean in half. This is why you wouldn’t want to be standing under it.  :shock:

Now I know where *not* to have stuff come next winter.

At least spring is finally starting.

I also have to show off my new colorful shoes!



We were out shopping the other day and John was looking for shoes. I was not, but isn’t that when you always find something?  These are a brand like Dansko and they are so, so comfortable. I couldn’t believe how comfy they were and so I impulse bought them.



They aren’t leather, but cloth. They don’t match any of my clothes, but I don’t care :D  I wonder if I can get away with wearing them with shorts?

Bathroom Finished!

Time for pics of the finished (mostly) bathroom!  We still need to do some decorating, but the other stuff is all done.  This was enough of an update to make us like the room a lot better before a major overhaul down the road – ’cause I am going to have a clawfoot tub, dammit.

Anyway, let’s all remember Jar Jar for a moment.








This is how a lot of conversations start around here:

Me:  So I have this idea.

John:  Oh no…

This particular discussion was about my idea for the stupid corner in this bathroom with all that mirror. I would never, ever put this much mirror in a bathroom and we certainly weren’t going to take it down because I didn’t fancy a trip to the emergency room and I didn’t want it to be that big of an overhaul on the bathroom.  Yet…

I figured I would just paint over the mirror to hide it and make it look like wall. Then I used wooden trim to make a ‘frame’ for the mirror and you would never know.


The fixtures are the same, except the brass ring around the bottom of each glass shade was taken off – and the shades were cleaned.  Makes a big difference in how they look.  My mother suggested painting the fixtures, but if they come off the wall – they are not going back up. :)  I still don’t like them, but they aren’t so bad now. Not to mention it helps that all the bulbs are replaced and functional now.  On a side note, that picture above shows the nice natural light we get in this room.

The counters were done with the Rustoleum Countertop Paint. A decent product. I would not recommend it for a kitchen and probably not for a permanent solution. It’s hard to get it on evenly and you cannot use the surface for 3 days while it is drying and curing. Try keeping hair, dirt and fuzz out of a room while a flat surface dries and see how far that gets you.  Anyway, the color is much better. Removing the white glazing on the vanity doors also helped it look new.


I had these pictures of vintage tubs from when we had our retail shop and thought they would look good here.


I left John’s jammies out of that picture.  :mrgreen: 

My shower curtain, which I love – and the new ceiling vent/light.


The lighting messes with the color a bit, so sorry about that inconsistency.


The corner.



I am on the lookout for some kind of short shelving here or a repurposed storage thing to fit on the countertop for storage and then have that star on top. Crates are a little too rustic for me, but I will find something. We do have a linen closet in the room, so it’s not a rush to find anything. And I need a new wastebasket to go underneath the counter in that cubby.

Again, it never ceases to amaze me the difference paint can make in a room.  This was one of the least expensive redos in the house. The most expensive thing was the vent/light, which was $85.  The whole room cost about $170.  Not counting my labor, of course :D  Scrubbing out traces of the former owner? Priceless.

I am taking a break on the wallpaper front for a while. We still have the upstairs hallway, the stairwell and the other bedroom to go, but there are other projects to do :cough: 2 trunks :cough: and it is starting to be more like biking weather out!


Trunks and dinners

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We did a good amount of family time. Friday night was my sister’s birthday and we were out to dinner.

Good news on the trunk front – The Lady went to her new home today.


I sold her to someone in one of my vintage groups. The woman seemed really happy with the trunk and thought the pictures didn’t do it justice (whew).  

Now I need to get working on the next one:


This is a tin clad trunk that John picked up for me on one his weekend trips a month ago. I was able to locate a trunk on his route and he got it for me on the way :D  It’s been waiting while I finished up the bathroom (pictures to come soon). 

We had a nice dinner on Sunday at my parents house. John brought along a main dish since he isn’t eating meat – there was ham.  He made a quiche with smoked Gruyere and made the crust with potato instead of a pie crust, which was delicious!


Yum! All the food was delicious.



Time for games, too.



My sister was on Pinterest and made us these cute cookies to have with dessert:



Good times spent with family.  

Can I also say I am having way too much fun with my coloring book?



It’s very fun, I have to say. Wouldn’t it be nice to just color instead of working??


Biking season starts!



For sure!  I never got the bike off the trainer in March because I have to change out the tires and that is such a PITA that I only want to do it once – and once it is off the trainer, it’s off for the season. The weather in March was so lame that it wasn’t worth taking the bike off the trainer. However, temps were looking up and it was time.  I got the tires switched out and everything adjusted for the road.  It’s quite a rigamarole getting ready for the first ride of the season.  Then we had to lug the bikes down the stairs from the bedroom…excuse me – the home gym :D


Pixie says “Why is this here in my way??”

I could barely wait to ride LOL.  However, work had to be done and the temps needed to get a little warmer.  It was about 52 when we got out to ride.  Happy!



We started on the roads, which were fairly clean. In some spots the street sweeper has come by and it is nice. Other areas the shoulder still has a lot of crap and debris.  After a road route, we switched over to the path, which looked pretty promising:


We didn’t have a real plan for the ride other than to get out, but John said “Let’s see how far we can go” – meaning the path.  Okay, turns out not too far.  It’s still snow covered in the treed areas that don’t get as much sun.



Ooops!  It will be a while before we go to the lake, that’s for sure. It would be even worse on that part of the path with dense tree cover.

It was so great to be on the roads again, though!  We did about 8.5 miles which, if any of you are keeping track, leaves me with 1991.5 miles to go to make my goal this season ;)

Post ride happiness:


Hopefully there will be a little more riding tomorrow, but winter is going to make an appearance again over the weekend with rain and snow.



Bring on April!

A new month begins. I was wearing serious cranky pants the last couple of days, but now we have a fresh start. Let’s hope that spring actually decides to show up this month.  Glens Falls had a March that was in the top 10 of cold Marches on record. I think it came in 6th, if I remember. :roll: On a good note, the main is unfrozen at the old house and it has water again as of today,  hooray!  No more worries about that. 

I have been trying to make it feel more springy.  My new stress busting coloring book is really fun, I have to say.  It’s called Enchanted Forest, so coloring that lets me pretend I am working the garden bed.  Right?

coloring book


I also just got some colored pencils to go with the gel pens for more variety.


The artist who did this book is incredibly talented.

I also got some 16 x 20 enlargements done on Snap Fish to fill a couple large frames we had.  These were shots I took when we went to Portsmouth last year.


The floral one will go in my pink music room, but I may keep the house picture in the dining room because it actually matches well. It was supposed to go up in that room as well. There is nothing on any of the walls upstairs in any room. Dewallpapering and painting is almost easier compared to trying to do art work. :D

How about a peek at the almost finished bathroom?  Here is the before:


Here is the after:


There is countertop paint on the counters. I stripped off the finish on the on the doors with its fake glazing attempt and just left it natural with some satin poly.  Then I spray painted the hardware gold.  We have a lot of mixed finishes in here , but at least these kind of match the faucet now.

All that is left is touch up stuff, finishing the ceiling vent, and decorating.

More veggie front today.  Asparagus were on sale, so I got some.  Roasted in the oven:



I have to say, not a huge fan of the asparagus, but I am eating my veggies :D

Capital District Flower Show!

Get ready for lots of pictures! I loved the flower show!  Of course, it was snowing on the way down there  :roll:  There were a ton of different displays and entries into themed designs. There was a large room that was set up with landscaping by professionals.  



It smelled like fresh mulch in the room and it was heaven :D  All of these displays were set up in an ice rink. It’s amazing that in 4 days they can transform an ice rink into an outdoor oasis.



Of course, this display won best in show.








The orchid society was there as well with tons of different kinds of orchids.






There was a huge marketplace as well and I could have spent a billion dollars in there, but I managed to only spend $4 LOL. I bought 2 Astilibes for $2 each as a show special.  I just really enjoyed looked at all the blooms.









Okay, I better stop. I have something like 100 pictures :D  


Now I really can’t wait to get out there in the garden!!




What’s Blooming – sort of

It still feels like we are in the grip of late winter.  Well, I guess we are, but who’s counting anymore.  I am taking gardening into my own hands if Mother nature isn’t cooperating!   This weekend we are going down to the Capital District Flower Show outside of Albany. YAY!!!!  I can’t believe how excited I am to see flowers and greenery.flowershow


The last indoor flower show I went to was when we lived in IL and went to the big one in Chicago, which was very cool.  This will be much needed while we wait for everything to warm up around here and to settle down from a bit of a hectic week.

I also received a coloring book for adults today.  I read an article online about how coloring was supposed to be really a good way for adults to destress and I thought it would be fun, so I ordered a book online. Apparently everyone else read the same article because the book I wanted was on backorder.  But now it is in my grabby hands since it arrived today and it is gorgeous!



Linkie: Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book


It has a cover over the art paper pad, and you probably could even color the cover if you want :D

I bought a big set of  some gel pens to use for this book and they arrived a while ago waiting to be used:



Don’t these look like fun?



There are hidden pictures and puzzles in the book, too – so this should keep me occupied for a while when I get stressed out :D


Have a great weekend and I will be reporting back with flower pictures! I can’t wait!!