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Tuesday Things

Just some random thoughts for a Tuesday.

1. We were thinking about it being a little over a year since we closed on Radiance Manor.  I looked back and saw our kitchen pics from 1 year ago:

old kitchen

That period of time is such a blur now.  It kind of amazes me how much work we have done on the house.  At least now it is more mundane stuff – like trim painting:


2.  We do have one last big project that will be done this week.  The driveway.  We are going to have it extended to the left side.  There used to be overgrown shrubs here, which we cut down and dug the stumps.  Now this will all get paved to our retaining wall (and the rest will be redone as well).


You know I like to do a lot of things myself, but repaving a driveway is  not one of them. :D  We actually are using the same company that did our driveway 3 years ago at the old house.  It will be nice to have a bit more room for parking and shoveling snow will be way easier this year.  It can go right over the edge of the wall instead of building up into the bushes.

3.  I am so ready for football!  I got a new bracelet that was being offered to female football fans and you just paid the shipping.  I had forgotten about it, actually, because it was a while ago.  It just arrived:



I love fall, but not ready to give up summer yet.

4.  We just about got that account caught up for work – that one that was a month behind. We busted our butts and they are now current.  I don’t know what will happen now.  They may keep some of us on there or just be done with it. Of course, no one knows what is going on, but that is par for the course. ;)  I listened to the same woman talk for 8 hours a day for the last few weeks.  I wouldn’t mind staying on the account if I could do other people LOL!

5.  We went to an interesting talk tonight about birds along the feeder canal, which we ride on – although not as much now that we moved.  The talk was put on by Pixie’s former veterinarian.



It’s amazing how many birds are right here in our area.  You know they are there because you can see and here them, but until you really look, you just don’t know.  I so want a serious camera with a zoom so I can take some pictures.

6.  Speaking of pictures, I submitted a photo to Instagram for A Cause and Thursday I will get to see if it gets  put on display hanging at Mean Max, which is the new brewery down town that we go to most Friday nights.  They will be selling prints of photos for the next month to raise money for the Family Service Association of Glens Falls. This is the photo I submitted from my garden.

Enchanted Evening


That will be fun to see. I might even order a print of it myself! :D


Riding change of plans

Another nice weather day for riding on Saturday.   I found my Road ID.  This was something that was missing before we moved and then I just recently found it – a year later!!  It was tucked away in a bag and I found it when I was looking for something else.  



Our plan was for a cupcake ride to Saratoga.  It was good and sunny, so I slathered up with sunscreen and we headed out after lunch.



We stopped around mile 9 for a quick snack of some dried pineapple and to sit in the shade.



We were heading along quickly.  John was in front and around mile 12 or so, we could hear a funny noise from his bike, which sounded like metal hitting his spokes and then you could hear a gush of air.  Flat!  John hit some slim piece of metal that sliced through the tire into the tube.



It almost looks like a razor blade stuck in there.  So, we got out the new tube and tools and John proceeded to change the tube. However, the tire wouldn’t seat back properly on the rim. This was  a problem he had last year with this tire and we aren’t sure if it is the rim or the tire. Whichever, it sort of settled in, but with such a big gash in the tire, he didn’t want to pump the tube up too far because it might extrude through and pop.  So, after deliberation, we decided to turn around and go home. It would have been almost 10 miles to Saratoga and then 20 more miles to get home. We figured it would be best to head home so he could change out the tire.  So, no cupcake this day.  :-( 



On the way back, we did decide to stop for Sweet Frog Yogurt.  This was around mile 22 or so?


John was a little grumpy at the flat spoiling the ride, but he cheered up with some froyo:



Ah yes, the sweaty bike look.  Oh well, it was pretty empty in there anyway, so we didn’t scare anyone away!  My hair is just long enough to put into a little hamster tail at the base of my neck.  I have been growing it out since around January.  I had an angled bob and it was shaved in the back.  


Peanut butter sauce on this!   The extra bonus is that we actually had a filled out loyalty card and so we got $5 off.

We went the rest of the way home and I was going to keep riding after dropping John off, but he decided he wanted to go back out again after changing the tire, so I waited. It was close to dinner and we figured we would go out and loop for a couple slices of pizza on the way back.

We went out by the municipal airport. There are a lot of industrial businesses along that road, including a granite place. 



The slabs are really quite pretty.  I like granite, but not sure I would want it as a counter surface. 

Dinner time!



Then it was just a couple miles back home.



We ended up with 37.5 miles, but it seemed like a much longer ride LOL!  Between the long stop with the tire issues and then another half hour at home changing the tire.  We still got in a decent ride, though.  Guess the cupcake will have to be next week :)


What’s Blooming!

As I said yesterday, it’s been a little hot to work in the garden much except at the bookends of the day.  I did see a sign at one of the nurseries by our house that had 50% off perennials!  So, you know I had to check it out.


They had a clearance on annuals and for some reason they had perennial agastache in annual pots for $2.  I am currently in love with that flower, so I picked up one of them.  And I got this Salvia to stick in the back for the hummers.


I also got a columbine and a heuchera for the shade garden.  

I also figured I would try the shasta daisy.  For whatever reason, that is a flower that I like, but it doesn’t like me.  However, this one was only $3 so I figured I would try again:



I really need to concentrate on shade plants now.  I have a giant flower bed to fill up!

The irises that I planted just a week ago actually are taking hold – all 3 of them. I was surprised at the early growth:



That bodes well for them getting nicely established before winter.  Yay!  I can’t believe I am already excited about next year’s flowers.  :oops:

The cardinal flower:



It’s such a beautiful color.  They talk about this as a hummingbird magnet and it’s true!  There were 2 of them on it today.  I have a couple other small cardinal flowers that didn’t bloom this year, so I will be set next year!

I seem to do really well with nurturing plants back from the dead or just regular plants, but I struggle with plants from seed. I planted some marigold and teddy bear sunflowers back in spring and they are so small still:



Maybe by Thanksgiving they will be blooming.  :roll: 

I cut my delphinium down after they were done blooming and now new growth and blooms are appearing:



Enchanted Evening:



For a first year bare root rose, there have been a lot of blooms. 

Last gasp of the lily:


I am going to go back and look for more of these, which should be on clearance because they will be past bloom.  I wish I could just drop a bunch of money and buy whatever I want, but with so much space to fill, I have to get the biggest bang for my buck, even though it means patience for the first couple of years.

The hydrangea has the craziest huge blooms on it.  Check this out. My hand holding the bloom is splayed out and you can’t see it.






I harvested some blooms for inside. I usually don’t bring in too many flowers from the garden because I like to leave them out there to last longer, but I will be pruning this anyway in the fall.  Of course, as soon as I brought in the bouquet and set it on the table, Pixie started chomping on it, so I have to put it out of reach.  This is why I can’t have nice things.

The rain came through last night and the weather will be just about perfect for a ride tomorrow. High of 80 and sunny.  Yay!  I sense a cupcake coming on :D

Beating the heat

I think today is the last day of the heat and humidity. Thank goodness. I pushed my ride to before breakfast the last 3 days. That’s always the case for Wednesday bagels, but on Tuesday and today I was up with the sun riding.  That’s early enough since I don’t ride in the dark. John doesn’t seem to bothered by humidity, so he doesn’t come out this early.




I was stopped for a few minutes taking  pictures and a jogger asked me if I was taking a picture of the sunrise :D  I think she saw the camera pointed in her direction (and I hadn’t even noticed her at all).


She is that tiny blip on the right side of the road.

I came home and John had baked some Bisquik donuts!  I was agreeable to that for breakfast.


There may or may not have been another one on this plate…

Since we have radiators for heating, we can’t have central air in the house. Honestly, there have only been a couple days where it felt hot inside. The solid cement walls help keep the house moderated all year, which is a big change from our old house.  We have a window AC unit for our bedroom, though.  However, our basement is wonderfully cool.

It’s been too hot to work in the garden much, but I did start working on the Jenny Lind trunk in my basement work room.  I am so pleased at what a beauty this one will be.  What I thought was brass is actually copper!  I got out some Barkeeper’s friend and started cleaning the straps off.


I was saying to John that cleaning up a trunk is sort of like wiping a clean spot off of a really dirty window and seeing what is really outside.


This is going to look so cool when it is finished. And I am not selling this one. No way – even though I could probably get good money for it.  I just like it too much.

I was working on the chair to get that finished up. I just have to do the arm covers and then the piping to cover the nail heads.  Of course, Pixie had to join in and help.



I really need to tip the chair on its side to do the arms, but then Pixie curled up and I didn’t have the heart to move her (suckah!!), so I started working on the trunk. Good thing I have eighty million projects I could be working on…

Thankfully this heat is breaking just in time to have a really nice weather weekend.

Food round up

It’s been a while since I did another round up of eats.   The past couple of weeks have involved more eating out and John’s birthday stuff.  Work has been really busy and my life is just biking, working, working, trying to have some fun, working, projects etc…

I am eating a lot of the same things.  

John and I eating breakfast together.  We cook our own brekkies most times.  I have oat bran and nut butter in my bowl.



Lunches have had a lot of yogurt or egg and sausage scrambles:


Occasional chicken for lunch:


I pretty much have been eating chicken as my protein because it is easy.  There is the occasional omelet.




Yes, I do eat a lot of hot sauce!!

Here is a truly lazy dinner.   No fruit or veggies.   I just topped the potato with laughing cow, chicken and BBQ sauce:



We also made the tomato spinach pasta with tortellini for a few dinners:


Dinners out included the sushi:



This was sooo good!  I keep thinking about it  :mrgreen:

Post hike we went to Recovery Grill (how appropriate).  I was pretty hangry and got one of my favorite meals, which is buffalo chicken tenders.


Surprisingly, I could not finish this despite being hungry.  Probably because it is more food than I normally eat in one sitting.

Oh yeah, there was Saturday’s 40 mile cupcake, too :D


I have had a bit of a stall the last couple weeks.  I suppose not terribly surprising looking at the above. I just have to keep plugging away.  It gets really frustrating sometimes when things on paper don’t add up on the scale. It’s also frustrating with how much activity I have been getting – 40 miles of riding on Saturday and 7 mile hike on Sunday.  Oh well.  I am getting in enough calories,  so I guess I will just have to wait it out.  Life is just too good in general to be worried about the scale.

Sleeping Beauty Hike

We finally did our first official Adirondack hike.  We took the Sleeping Beauty trail in Adirondack National Park. The trail head was about 40 minutes from our house, so not bad – although we were up early :D



We knew the hike would be around 6 miles, but it turned out closer to 7 miles since we took a loop around Bump’s pond instead of straight up and down.

Partners in crime for the day:



This is my new hiking stick I got at the art festival a couple months ago.


We actually had to walk 1.5 miles just to get to the trail head from this parking lot.  That was the easy part, then it got pretty rocky and hilly.


It was humid, but we were in the shade of trees for the majority of the climb, which was really nice.  I was sweating like the dickens, though.  That humidity thing.


The trail was really well marked and a fair number of people on it as well. Lots of people had the same idea of an early hike to beat the heat!

Lots of neat pictures to take. I won’t post too many since I don’t want to flood your reader :D









Finally we saw a happy sign!



And what a view it was:






That’s Lake George down there where we bike to all the time.





Here is a little movie of the view from the summit:

We ate some lunch at the top and then headed back down taking a loop around Bump’s Pond.


If we had known it was going to add that extra mile, we wouldn’t have done it because we were pretty darn tired when we got to the bottom.  Although Gryffon was really happy to take a swim.

I think we should have brought more food, but otherwise it was suited pretty well for us since we bike a lot.  It was a little bit long of a hike – and next time we do this one, we will skip the pond.  It would be such a gorgeous view from the summit during fall colors!


What’s Blooming!

It’s Friday!  So glad.  In trying to get this account caught up current, we are each assigned to one person’s dictations.  I have been listening to the same woman all week.  I think that is the defnition of insanity right there.  Whew.  At least she is now only 10 days behind instead of a month – so there is some progress.

Anyway, the garden is a little quiet now.  It’s time to start putting in the perennials for next year!  I planted those iris rhizomes from last week.  I also periodically check the nurseries to see what is on sale and I did find a few.  I am really, really trying to just buy for the shade garden, but when I saw these beautiful lilies, I couldn’t resist.



I love the turks cap lilies!



The David Austin rose is full of blooms now:



The bush itself doesn’t seem that much taller, but it has spread some since I put it in. I hope it grows upward like it is supposed to. I really don’t like to move roses as the roots go so deep.  

There is also another flush of blooms on the Belinda’s dream in the back:



This really could use more sun, but I won’t move it unless it doesn’t bloom next year.  Hopefully the squirrels will leave this bush alone now.

Butterfly bush:



There was a hummingbird and a sphinx moth on this plant earlier in the week.  The hummer was all over the garden, so in time I think I will have a lot more as the garden becomes more mature.

To help, I got a new plant.  This is a cardinal flower:



Do you like my crabgrass and plantain lawn?  One nice thing is that it stays green in August, unlike the grass.  Also, it grows by spreading and not upwards, so we don’t have to mow much.  Yay for weed lawns! LOL

The BES:



You can see how the eating damage stopped after I removed some bugs. All the new flowers are untouched.

The hostas are just about done blooming, but they were pretty.



I took this shot from the dining room early this morning. You can see how the hydrangea has grown funny and needs that pruning.



It is a paniculata type, so it can be pruned in the fall or spring.  I will prune it this fall.  If you have a hydrangea and don’t know what kind it is, this site is very helpful to identify it and when to prune it.  I am going to take a cutting from this one and see if I can propagate it in case the pruning goes wrong :D

I am on the look out for some shade plants, so keeping an eye on the nurseries. I want Heucheras and solomon seal for sure, and possibly black snakeroot – hoping for good prices :D

Flower chair


Love my flower chair!

It’s going to be a warm weekend.  We have a hike planned for Sunday morning with my sister and niece.  We are going early to avoid the heat, but hopefully the views will be worth it!

Finished trunk!

Wednesday – guess what day it is?? That’s right, Bagel Day!  It was actually cool this morning in the 60s, so we wore long pants for riding to breakfast.  The deliciousness:



That coffee is a 20 oz coffee, too.  The only way to start the day!  :D :D

That new account for work has been keeping me hopping.  My company got hired on to help another one get caught up on their dications.  Somehow, they let themselves get behind by around 2000 files – a month’s worth of files. The account was 1 month behind when we started and it is supposed to be a 24-hour turnaround.  Holy crap – how did they let it get so bad before getting help??  So, there is plenty of work and after a big learning curve it is going well. The client is happy with my work, but booted off 2 of the other MTs because they couldn’t make the grade.  Bad news is  that I cannot get them caught up by myself – even if I typed 24 hours a day. It’s impossible, so now my company has to move some others to the account. (Glad that isn’t my job).  I am not sure how long this overflow will last past catching them up, which means I will be low on work again.  I actually have another job offered to me and I have to think seriously about whether or not to take it.  Lots on my plate right now on that front.

Anyway, I *finally* finished another trunk.  It was a rainy evening last night, so I got the last bit done.  This is the trunk as it first came to me:



As you can see, it has an embossed metal covering, which was quite rusty. It’s an alligator skin printed metal.



The inside smelled musty and the paper covering was pretty well shot.



The one was different than the other trunk because I didn’t have to remove the outside covering, but I did have to scrub off the rust. Then I used some Rustoleum Aluminum to go over the embossed metal and black over the other hardware. Then I did an antiquing glaze and sealed it with satin polyurethane.  


For the inside, I scraped off the paper, sprayed the inside with vinegar and water and gave it time in the sun, which reduced the odor a lot. Then I sealed the inside with Kilz primer and painted it.  I actually used the same gray paint as our living room walls as I wanted it to kind of go with the silver look:



The antiquing lets the print of the metal come out nicely:



I put on new leather handles.  The old metal caps are somewhat fragile from rust, but I decided to keep them and let the new owners know they really are only for show and not to lift the trunk by them:



The best dating for this trunk is from between 1880 to 1910. That was when embossed metal trunks were made.  Based on the style of lock on this trunk, probably on the earlier side of that.



Again, it still looks old, but now nice enough that you would want to use it for storage and keep it on display.

Hopefully someone will buy it!  I will be putting it on my vintage lists this week and see who is interested. Now it is on to the next one.  

A last shot – there was a rainbow this evening when we were downtown.


That means good luck, right?

Lake riding and blooms!

Saturday was a picture perfect day. It was in the upper 70s, sunny, low humidity with just a light breeze.  Days like this are why we live in the Adirondacks! It doesn’t get any better.

We decided on a ride to the lake. First, we had to make a pit stop. We were pet sitting this weekend and had to make a stop in for kitty feeding. This meant going on our old paths that we don’t take anymore.


These are cinder paths and kind of bumpy. Some parts are in disrepair as well.  When really heavy rains come, it washes away parts of the cinder and they only replace it periodically.  It is nice and shady, though.



The pet sitters!



I made that picture smaller because it was kind of scary bigger LOL!  Do I look afraid that John is about to get me?

Then it was off to the lake.  There was road riding until we got back to the lake bike paths.  We took a break around mile 13 ish or so for a snack. Thousands of miles have been shared between me and this bike.



Dried pineapple before we started the hill climbing.


There were a fair number of people out.  It’s tourist season, so the paths get quite a bit of use.  

It was great to be riding in the shaded areas. Even though it was in the upper 70s, you still get pretty hot riding in the direct sunlight.



The lake was picture perfect!





We stopped to grab an iced coffee and then to the Lake George Baking Company.  So glad this place is not in downtown Glens Falls or I would be in serious trouble.  I almost got a cookie because these were so durn cute.


However, I chose an apple pastry to have with my coffee.


Ride worthy.  Yes, indeed.

Doesn’t the lake look inviting?


It’s actually pretty cold, though. I have to tip my hat to the groundskeepers of the village. They do such a great job with the landscaping and everything was in full bloom.





Yeah, I might have taken a bazillion flower pictures…

Time to hit the roads!



Then home.  


Ride stats:

Total miles:  31.7

Average speed:  12.4 mph

Top speed:  30.7 mph

Calories burned: 1109

We did a bit shorter of a ride than normal for a Saturday. We were both a little tired and the lake ride is quite hilly.  I only need about 530 miles more to hit my goal for the year!


What’s Blooming!

The August garden. Some flowers are sleeping, some are done and some are just coming out.


The cleome are starting to fade now. And check out that coneflower!  <3

I found a suprise popup sunflower. Not sure where this came from – probably a bird dropping seed.


Now that summer flowers are starting to fade, guess what is showing up at the greenhouse? Mums!


I love the mums, but it is a little bittersweet because it means summer is going to come to a close.


I am still loving the agastache!



Stone digging is progressing and we have quite a large pile now – and nowhere near finished!


It’s fun to think of the possibilities with these. I will probably end up with a pile twice this size. Maybe I can just build my own castle!  :mrgreen:  That would be sweet.

Here is my hydrangea:


You can kind of see here the upper part on its own branch and the lower part. After blooming, we will cut off the upper part since it is pushing on the fence.


John cut down the rest of the last stump in the big garden bed (we couldn’t dig it all up since it was too deep and thick). That meant I could lay the rest of the slate path through the bed:


I have been planning out what I want to put in this section. So many choices! It’s partial shade because of the fence to the left of the path and more sunny to the right.

Globe thistles are just starting. I have 3 purchased ones that aren’t quite blooming and this is a transplant from my old garden:


My coneflowers are doing much better after picking off some of those bugs.


My chair in the back:


I have to quit with this chair obsession I have.

I have 3 new flowers arriving this week – just got notice today. All my bulb ordering I did early in the spring will be arriving in stages. The iris rhizomes come now for planting. I am getting these 3 from American Meadows and hopefully they will look like this next year:



Night Ruler:


This is the darkest of purples that looks almost black.

And Brindled Beauty:


I can’t believe I never used to grow irises because I  wanted long-blooming flowers all the time. I never knew what I was missing before I got those few a couple years ago.  It’s so exciting!  I might put one out front – or maybe 2 of them. Gotta prepare the spots for them this weekend.

We will be doing some good riding this weekend, probably to the lake for a change. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous!