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Bagel Day!

It’s Bagel Wednesday!  I was up too early and did some work before we biked to breakfast.   It was 57 degrees out, too!  Eeeek! That feels like fall biking weather.

It was a beautiful morning, even if it was cold.  The sun was breaking through the clouds when we got to Coffee Planet.



Shining the light on Burger King...

It smelled so good when we walked in because they just got done baking chocolate chip cookies for the day.  But, I decided not to have a cookie for breakfast :D



I love our breakfast rides, cold or not.

We had some good news today on the house.  We had a plumbing/heating specialist come in to test our hot water heater and boiler for the heating system.  They both work and no leaks!  That was some much needed good news.  We will need a new boiler ($$$) in the next couple years, but we don’t need to get it yet.  Phew.  That was a huge relief.

News on the job front.  The new account I was on has kind of petered out since we got it caught up, so there has not been enough work for me.  I  was offered a position with another company.  I am going to test the waters with them part time and see how well we mesh, so I will be doing 2 jobs for a while.  Does anyone remember when I did that a few years ago?  Probably not.  Anyway, nothing like throwing in an extra challenge with all this house stuff.  I spent so long spinning my wheels this year and now it’s like the Indy 500.

Tonight was the last night of Take A Bite in Glens Falls.  We decided to stop by and have dinner before heading to work on the house.  Downtown is a mile from our new house, so we will be able to walk to this event next year!




I decided to get some Chicken Ya-Ya, which is kind of like gumbo.



Plus an unpictured cup of buffalo chicken soup (delicious!).

John got a fish sandwich and some peach cobbler for dessert.



Look at what was stamped on my money:



Spoiled my plans right there.  I decided to use it for my dessert which was a cup of coffee and a raspberry bar.


Total cost for my food? $7.  It was very crowded tonight, probably because it was the last night.  

We spent a few hours at the house making good progress.  I was on wallpaper duty…again… and finally feel like I am making some real headway.  Just about done with the nook room.  Might have the wallpaper all stripped from the kitchen by the end of the weekend!

Here’s to a good night’s sleep tonight.

Late nights mean my posts will be done later at night. Normally I like to get them done after dinner, but that’s not happening for a while since we leave the house right after.

Kitchen progress

It’s hard finding a balance between work, rehab and quality time.  Phew.  We still are muddling through that.  One thing I have to keep doing is exercise.  Yes, the rehab stuff is functional exercise, but it can’t replace the bike!

I have to say that I love how much easier rehab is when you have a good strength training routine already in place.  I am not sore after doing anything and it enables me to work longer.  Not that I am not tired, because I am, but not sore – which makes all the difference in the world as far as motivation to keep going.

Slow progress is being made.  We got the hot water tank and lines tested and no leaks – YAY!  Now to actually turn on the hot water heater and the heating system.  We have a professional coming out to do that on Wednesday to make sure that is on the up and up.  Once that is up and running, I will feel a lot better.  That’s the last really big unknown.

Our house is now on the market.  Not sure if it will sell or not this fall.  Obviously we hope so, but we are willing to take it off the market and relist in the spring when there is more activity.  I don’t really want to own 2 houses that long, but I can’t control the market, as much as I would really like to!  

I moved some furniture around trying to make the living room inviting with my mish mash of styles.


Trying to hide our old couch :D  We are not taking that with us.  I have 3 of these chests, which are kind of boring, but useful for storage.  I painted this one and brought it down from the bedroom.  It still has our sheets and blankets in it LOL!  

With having a hair ejection machine in the house, I decided I didn’t want to be vacuuming the area rug daily, so we rolled it up and took it to the new place.  That’s why I brought down the chest because the room was looking like everything was pushed to the edges.

You know how I say things look a lot worse before they start looking better with rehab?  Check out our kitchen!



This was progress for tonight.  Countertops are gone.  We will be pulling out that base cabinet with the plumbing as it is not salvagable, but all other cabinets are good!

The next step is seeing how hard it is to sink outlets into the cement walls.  Finish up wallpaper and then we can start putting the room back together.  That’s the fun stuff.

My mother came over and helped strip wallpaper in the kitchen last night and tonight, so we treated her to some Sweet Frog!



We are willing to bribe people to help :D

Rehab progress

Where was I??  Oh yes, rehabbing.   I never even got in a Friday What’s Blooming post!  It’s just been a bit busy around here :D

Now that we own the house, it was time to see all of the unknowns about the house.  This house has had no water, power or gas for over a year in it, which is a little scary.  So, these systems will get tested slowly.

Friday was probably the most frustrating day.  The electrical was turned on Thursday, and that went well.  We had the water turned on (only cold right now) and found broken pipes right away.  I figured we would have problems with either the electric or the water, and hopefully not both.  Turns out it was the water.  

We capped one leak and tested the water again and got water pouring out of the ceiling in the basement.  John was pretty freaked out, but my last rehab had broken pipes, so it wasn’t terribly surprising to see that.  Unwanted, but not surprising.  We pulled down some of the ceiling and found that leak, which was just the line to the outside, and we were able to close that off with the shut off.  We were pretty tired that night and called it a day.  Not a great start.

We took a ride Saturday morning.  I have to tell you that my insomnia has been terrible all week.  I have been getting about 5 hours a sleep for the past week and it is really taking its toll.  I took a picture and noticed how tired I look LOL


Saturday was spent fixing pipes and me pulling some carpet.  There is only carpet on the stairs and hallway upstairs.  It was really, really nasty.



I knew there was wood under it, but didn’t know what shape it was in.  Finally something good!



Once the leaks in the basement were fixed, we started opening the shutoffs to the first floor powder room.  I do have to say that the bathroom smelled really, really bad and it turns out that someone left a ‘present’ in 2 of the toilets.  I have an iron stomach, but this almost made me lose my lunch.  The not fun part of this, I have to say.  Anyway, the toilet needed a new wax ring because there was a leak, so while John continued fiddling with plumbing, I took off the toilet and cleaned it.



By the way – buy stock in disposable gloves because stores are going to need to restock :D

Got it put back together and we have a functional bathroom!  Felt good to have some success.



Wallpaper removal in this room some time in the future.  It’s everywhere!!

Rehabbing work goes in fits and starts with progress.  Somethings go way faster than expected and some things you just can’t believe how long it takes.  Like removing this microwave. Someone had cut the power cord to this as well, so it wasn’t even functional.  


For real, this took over an hour to get out.  We had some instructions we found online, but it was missing a key point of hidden bolts.  Then we finally got it out.


Sunday was a ton of wallpaper removal for me, along with putting cold water into the upstairs pipes and testing those, which haven’t leaked that we have found, thank goodness.  We also filled the hot water tank, even though we don’t have the gas turned on, at least the tank doesn’t leak.  

Here are some nicer pictures.  This was our snack on Sunday.  John was out and brought back coffee and a cookie to split.  Eaten in our dining room :D



This is the view of the garden from the dining room:


I can’t wait until I can get out there and work.  I don’t know if I will get much done this fall in it.  Depends on how the inside goes.

I did the kitchen video the other day, here is the dining room and living room.

I really wish I could just take some time off from work to get stuff done, but I don’t get paid time off and with owning 2 houses and $$ needed for rehab, it’s going to be evening work on the house (or daytime if I run out of work!).  I’ll try not to make the blog completely about the new house, but we will be eating, breathing and sleeping it for a bit :D

The work begins!


We did the closing this morning.  Shortest closing ever!  We had gotten the funds over earlier in the week, so today was just signing paperwork.  We only had to sign 3 documents, can you believe that?  It was sort of anticlimactic.  Then the lawyer told us we could not take possession of the house until the selling bank forwarded written confirmation.  Really?  We were already to jet over to the new place right after closing.  If we didn’t have a realtor involved that would have gotten in trouble, I would have said ‘screw you’ to the bank and gone in anyway.  big grin


We didn’t have to wait that long, though, just about 1-1/2 hours before we got the call we could go in.  Yay!



It doesn’t look like it from here, but it is so overgrown in the front. There are maple trees growing up into all this shrubbery.  I need a machete.  :D

Here is a video of the kitchen with me talking a little about it.

Our plan for now is painting the cupboards (cream),  sage colored walls, getting butcher block countertops and cork flooring.  Some of the lower cabinets need a little more help that we thought, but we should be able to salvage them.  The electrical is a challenge because the walls are cinderblock with plaster over them, so you can’t just easily pop a hole in them like drywall to install outlet boxes – which is probably why previous rennovation didn’t do that because it is a lot of work.  We are thinking about running the lines behind the cabs and doing counterop popup recepticles.  Like so:

Carlon Pop 3

We have a little thinking to do.  Plenty of time to think about that while removing platoons of wallpaper, though.


So, I guess this blog will be a rehab blog for a while LOL!  

We spent the early afternoon at the house (what work??) and got a start going.  I pulled up the linoleum, which I think is vinyl and not linoluem because it was soft and flexible.  On top of being ugly – it has it all!   Guess what was underneath?  More linoleum!



I peeled up a bit of this wondering if there might be wood, but this room was not a kitchen originally and I think it was some porch or something like that and it seems to be just cement underneath, so we will go with our original plan and now need to order the flooring.


Lookie at the mess we made in just a couple hours!



I think poor John is a little…. a lot… overwhelmed.   Once we get the kitchen past the “it gets worse before it gets better” stage, I think he will feel a bit better.   It is a huge amount of work to do while working our jobs and getting the old house ready to sell and thinking about moving, not to mention the stress of owning 2 houses.

We will still be biking and such over the weekend, but not all day rides since there is a lot of work to do!

Beating the rain

Two days to closing – EEEEEEE!   We have transferred the funding, so it just needs the formality of signatures now.  I am getting pretty excited!!!

I planned a bike ride for exercise on Tuesday and noticed it was getting cloudy.  John said rain was due to start in 40 minutes (according to Accuweather), so I took that a challenge to get in miles.  I wanted at least 10 :D   It was a little overcast, but 68 degrees and perfect weather.


I hopped over to the path for a bit on one of my loops.  Look how pretty it is.


We won’t be biking on this part as regularly as we do now once we move.

 About 8 miles in and on a freshly paved road!


This road was in bad shape, especially the shoulder, and now it is nice and pretty for biking!  Skies were getting cloudier, but I figured I was good for home.  And I was!


Turns out it didn’t rain until the afternoon, but I got in my exercise :D

On an unrelated note since I was unloading photos: We have a suet feeder right by the window and a woodpecker was eating at it.



Pixie was lying next to me on the couch and heard the bird.  This is her stealth mode:



I didn’t quite get the shot where her ears were totally flattened and made her look really dorky LOL.  Everyone can see you Pixie, including the bird!


The news about Robin Williams is really sad.  Depression is a terrible illness and he really had the financial means to get as much treatment as he could and yet still was unable. I do psychiatric discharges and, unfortunately, there are so many patients that are brought to the ER involuntarily and some that walk in on their own for treatment.  They are given meds for a few days and released with recommendations for treatment, but no actual treatment, and many of them cannot afford it.  Our society has such poor coping skills for mental disorders.

Lake Ride and Missing Link!

Another spectacular weather weekend.  Seriously, this has been the best summer weather ever!    Saturday was as perfect as a ride day can get – upper 70s, low humidity and no wind.  Can’t beat that!   We decided to head up to Lake George.  I had a hankering for a morning pastry, so we ended up leaving mid morning after breakfast.  It takes about an hour and 15 minutes or so to bike to the lake (16 miles).

Look how lush and green it is around here thanks to adequate rain:



It looks like June, not August, other than the goldenrod!



About 10 miles in, we stopped for a snack:



I do love dried pineapple when riding.  Quick energy without taking up much stomach space and making you feel full.

The shaded part of the path was just wonderful!  I could have stayed in there all day.



At mile 16, we arrived at that lake and what a pretty scene it was.






We hit up Lake George Baking company for our snack, along with an iced coffee.  I had a maple cinnamon roll.

cinnamon roll

Yes indeedy!  That was delicious!  John had a couple donuts that were out of this world good.  This company does it right.  Probably a good thing it is 16 miles away – although from our new house, it will only be about 10!  :D

We sat for a long time and just soaked up the gorgeous weather.



We did have to head home, though.  Lots of things to do around the house.   Back on the wonderful path when I started to feel a clunk in my chain.  I had a bad link it in, so we figured it was time to stop and look:



Not sure if you can see that pin sticking out, but it isn’t supposed to do that and the link was bent (which you can’t see in the photo).  That meant it wouldn’t got back together right and would definitely break climbing the hills.   When you are 12 miles from home, not a good feeling.  Luckily for me, I had some extra links that I purchased knowing that I had a bad one.



John had the chain tool:



It snapped right into place and was an easy fix, actually.  I really don’t like having to haul stuff around on long rides like spare tubes, links, tools and the like, but they have saved our asses more than once.

All better!



Happy Lori because I could keep going!



45 SPF sunscreen and I still get a ton of freckles :D

The chain felt great and we continued on our way. This is the marsh:



A shot of my pensive husband:





Perfect, perfect riding day!  YAY!!



Ride stats:

Total miles:  35  (I am calling it LOL ).

Average speed:  12.6 mph

Top speed:  27.9 mph

Calories burned: 1229


John was actually going to be gone on Saturday, but all I had to do was mention that I was going to the lake and a check of the weather and he changed his mind ;)

What’s Blooming!

Well, things certainly turned on a dime this week.   I can’t believe how much we have to do now.  The great thing is that it is on *my* schedule.  No waiting for other people to move their asses.

Lots of blooms, so let’s get a little closer!  The butterfly bush has lots of blooms now, even though the bush is a little misshapen.

butterfly bush

There have been some monarchs and the little sphinx moth is back!  I need to try to get a picture of him/her.

My burning bush is showing a blush of color – what is up with that???  It’s not even close to fall.

burning bush

I have lots of volunteer coneflowers this year.  Here is one that popped up near my delphinium:


This one is at the base of the butterfly bush:


And there are some volunteer black-eyed Susans along with more volunteer coneflowers  in by my Tiki Torch:




What is not blooming? Pixie’s catnip.


The kitty that used to eat her catnip was hit by a car earlier this year and no kitty had been bothering this since then until the other day.   I came out and found her catnip decimated.   I have it sitting on top of the Saturn and hopefully the kitty won’t bother it up there so it has a chance to try to come back to life.




More globe thistles:



The rose bushes are gearing up for another flush – Yay!!  



And finish out with some closeup of geraniums:






The weather should be great this weekend.  There is a lot to do.  I want a long ride since the new house will be eating up a lot of time, but we also have to get the current house decluttered and ready for showing!  Eeek!

Closing date!!!

Things got a little exciting around here in Radiance Land!   We have been waiting and waiting since January and today finally got the clear to close on Radiance Manor!    We had heard last month that it might be getting close, but we were trying not to to get any hopes up since this is glacial bank speed we are talking about.   I was getting a bit upset because we hadn’t gotten the new extension yet and it had expired at the end of July.  Then we got the call this morning.

Damn  - did that seem like a long time to anyone else?


Closing date is next Thursday – 7 days from now!   Wait, wait, wait forever and now full speed ahead!   That’s kind of what I expected would happen.

Here is a video of our soon to be back yard when John and I were creeping around a couple weeks ago.

Lots and lots of potential here!   SQUEEEE!

Happy birthday to John!

Okay, a day late since Monday was his birthday! :D  He is now 46, just like me!  I am not the older woman any more.



I know it is probably pretty obvious, but I lurves him to the moon and back.   :oops:

He decided dinner out was to be at Alibaba in Lake George.



That oven back there is where they cook the puffy lavash bread!



It comes with a dill yogurt sauce, but I think next time I would get hummus with it.

John had the falfafel platter:



I decided on chicken curry.



Very tasty!  The green beans on the side were a cold dish and had been roasted probably in that oven.  They were good!  I didn’t like the pickled cabbage, though.

I do like the food here, but the service was a little lame.  

We went to downtown GF and saw a concert in the park, so we stopped and listened to a couple tunes of the jazz band:



We like to spread birthdays out around here, especially when going out to eat.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is a huge dessert after eating out.   That means that family cake will happen a day later (tonight).

John’s request was a chocolate cake and I made the whole thing from scratch cause I love him.



Seriously – this cake used almost a whole tin of cocoa powder between the cake and the frosting!  I hope it is good :D

AIM: Changing the Plan



Ch-ch-ch-changes.  Life is full of them, yes?   Maintenance is no exception to change.  I think people assume that once you get to maintenance that you just do the same thing forever, but that is not the case.  Maintenance ebbs and flows.  Some days are easier than others and some periods of time are easier than others.

Maintenance has felt a little strange to me this year because so much of my life has been up in the air with the endless waiting to close on the new house, strange things happening with my job and a feeling of being unsettled and restless.   Regular readers know that I am a stress snacker and there has been no shortage of stress for quite a while now, so there has been a fair share of food overconsumption.  

I have been concentrating more on trying to lose some weight, the interesting result of which is usually just maintaining – which is a good thing, even though not quite the result I was looking for.  :D This, too, shall pass, though.  I know that.

AIM is also changing a bit.  First off, Shelley has decided to focus on other things and won’t be blogging as part of AIM any longer, but we still consider her an integral part of AIM.  Not to mention the door is always open if she wants to jump in on a topic again!

Since we have already posted monthly for over a year now, we have hit a lot of the common topics, so we are going to transition to quarterly posting instead of monthly.  Of course, we all still have our individual posts on the blog and maintenance topics will come up as a matter of course, but the formal AIM postings will now be quarterly (resuming in November) – and let us know if there is something you want us to discuss!


Make sure you read more at my fellow AIMers’ blogs for their thoughts on this topic!

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AIM: Adventures in Maintenance is Lynn, Lori, Debby,  and Cammy, former weight-loss bloggers who now write about life in maintenance. We formed AIM to work together to turn up the volume on the issues facing people in weight maintenance. We publish a post on the same topic quarterly. Let us know if there is a topic you would like us to address!